Botox has become the preferred treatment for erasing the lines and wrinkles that appear as we age. Both men and women make use of this simple and effective treatment when they want to look and feel their best.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best or getting treatments to accomplish this. Aging gracefully doesn’t mean that you should ignore your appearance or put up with lines and wrinkles that you hate to look at every day. You are not denying your age when you try to improve your appearance. By looking your best, you will feel your best and be able to enjoy life to the fullest.

Botox works by relaxing the muscles that contract and cause frown lines and fine wrinkles. A lifetime of laughter and concentration can cause our muscles around our eyes, mouth and between our eyebrows to contract even when we don’t consciously frown or become amused. By injecting very small amounts of Botox into those muscles, they relax and the lines that marred the face are removed.

There are many myths about Botox treatment that keep some people from enjoying the benefits of it. Because the formal name for the substance injected is Botulinum toxin, many people assume that a harmful substance is being used.

The amount of Botox used in cosmetic treatments is such a small dose that it can’t possibly have the negative effects of botulism. In fact, the FDA approved Botox in 2002 for cosmetic and therapeutic treatments for a variety of medical conditions such as excessive sweating, muscle pain, spasticity, neck pain and uncontrolled blinking to name just a few.

It is not true that Botox numbs the face. When applied by a trained physician there are no such side effects. Only when a person tries to save money by going to an untrained amateur do they suffer ill effects from the treatment. One should always go to a cosmetic surgeon, a dermatologist or other licensed, trained physician who has experience with the procedure.

Botox treatments are administered in the physician’s office or in a specialty clinic and normally take just a few minutes. The benefits last up to four months, after which you can go for another treatment if you like. If you think that receiving injections is painful, think again! The needles used for the procedure are so fine that you’ll barely feel it. Some patients report some tenderness and slight bruising but by the next day even these effects have disappeared. Your doctor will probably advise you to use those facial muscles for a few hours in order to distribute the medicine evenly.

Before your procedure, be sure to tell your doctor if you’ve had facial surgery or are pregnant or planning to be. Give him or her a complete list of any medications you are taking and any physical conditions you have now or have had in the past such as asthma or bronchitis.
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By: Nick Messe

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