Microstock, by many is referred to as an accessible offshoot of the traditional forms of stock photography agencies. In Microstock, an amateur photographer does not face multiple rejections and gets paid on every single photograph he has put for sale. So, unlike in the stock photography websites, you do not have to sit idle on your hard drive waiting for the approval and then sale of your posted photograph. Instead, those pictures that meet rejection by stock photography are cordially approved by Microstock and sold at low prices to a large segment of consumers.

For starters, especially students, Microstock is the best agency to start their photography career. This agency not only kick starts a student’s career, but also gives immense boost to contemplate this career for a long term. Here’s how Microstock is good for students:

Saves you from multiple rejections: The predominant reason for students opting for selling their pictures in Microstock, is its easy acceptance of the pictures of sorts. Unlike stock photography agencies, there are no stringent standards observed in accepting pictures. This gives an immense boost to amateur students still at the stage of bettering themselves as photographers to taste and experience the world of professional photography. Once you forward your picture to Microstock, they source your image through internet promptly. They open your image for sale to a wide array of potential consumers and sell them at a very low price, ranging from few cents to dollars. Though, in Microstock, your single picture is sold at a meager price, but it is much better than the means of Stockphotography sites where you have to wait for a long term to let your picture be sold at a decent price. On the other hand, Microstock guarantees the sale of each and every picture and an opportunity to earn big through the sale of your numerous pictures.

Free participation: Unlike the stock photography sites, subscription with Microstock is absolutely free. You do not have to spend even a single penny to start marketing your pictures with Microstock. You can take your professional photography as your freelancing assignments which save you from the pain of continuous interventions from a daunting boss. Here, you’ll be your own boss to decide your own working time and the time to take a break. Also, the amount of income you want to generate is entirely in your hands. The more you send across the pictures, the more you’ll get paid. With no deadlines to follow, you get your leisure time to craft your best work with utmost precision and then send across for sale.

Opportunity to learn: Microstock offers a great platform for amateur photographers to home their skills. This site offers a comprehensive and success driven instructions and guidelines on improvising oneself as a photographer. It will guide on minute details that can help you to better the standard of your pictures. For learners, Microstock is a full time professional teacher that makes you adept on what sells and what does not.

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By: Dan Feildman

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