Cosmetic surgery operations abroad are becoming more and more common as people try to save money on the cosmetic surgery procedures they’d been planning before the credit crunch took hold.

For countries in the EU there are of course regulations which dictate the level of health and safety requirements and the standard of care that should be given to patients. But this does not mean that the surgeon is required to be a member of any governing body to ensure they carry out cosmetic surgery to the highest standard. This also does not mean that you will receive the standard of aftercare you would expect when using an accredited surgeon/hospital in the UK.

For surgery such as lap band placement or gastric bypass you would expect to pay up to ï¿¡11,000 in the UK with a reputable firm and this should guarantee you receive the best quality care during and after the procedure. If you were to travel to a European country such as Turkey you may find this procedure priced for a tenth of this figure and, rather than thinking this is a bargain, you should ask yourself where the corners are being cut.

During any surgical procedure where you will be required to undergo a general anaesthetic there should be a highly trained and experienced anaesthetist present throughout the procedure. An anaesthetist of course costs money and you may find that they will not be present during the intermediate stages of your procedure.

Providing post operative care during your recovery is also costly and you may find that there is only a minimal level provided when opting for such a cheap package. It is easy to think that the extra money you can expect to pay in the UK is simply profit for the company arranging the surgery but you have to remember that there is profit in it for the company you use when travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery. There is of course then little money left over to pay for your care during and after the procedure.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK such as lap band surgery you should seek an accredited surgeon who is registered with BAPRAS or BAAPS to ensure this weight loss surgery runs smoothly.


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