When a diamond is forever, you cannot afford to choose a ring that not only won’t fit your personality but also look out of place on your finger. Diamonds are costly purchases, which is why it’s important for anyone — be it a man about to propose, a woman buying her own jewelry or just someone buying a diamond ring as a gift — to consider how a diamond ring will look on someone’s digits. If you’re wondering which diamond ring cut suits your dainty fingers best, here are tips you can use:

Learn to recognize your hand shape
The general shape of the hand and fingers is a very useful reference when choosing the right diamond ring cut. The key is to recognize the right cut that will work with your shape. Hand and finger shapes are classified into four major types. These include:

1. Rectangular palms with long fingers
Measure your middle finger against your palm. If they are the same length, then your dainty fingers will do very well with a princess cut diamond ring. Princess cuts can flatter even the boldest ring designs and look especially good in a prong setting.

This shape of hand and fingers can also get away with adventurous jewelry design. So if your personality suits it, go ahead and explore the designs that are right for you. Your hands will probably get away with it.

2. Square palms with short fingers
If your fingers are short and your palm is generally in the square shape, stay away from smallish rings. These will only accentuate the shortness of your fingers. Small rings may look dainty but they will only make your hands look bigger than they are.

Instead, look for a step-cut diamond or one that is in a bezel setting. The bezel setting uses gold, platinum or white gold metal that is wrapped around the stone. This helps show off the diamond and make it look larger than it really is — especially helpful if you’re buying 1 carat and less.

You might also want to consider a marquise cut. It’s not just majestic but the shape of the stone, which is elongated, can give your fingers the illusion of length. The oval cut is also an excellent choice for dainty fingers such as these.

3. Rectangular palms with equally long fingers
If this is you, a good diamond ring cut would be an emerald cut. The angular shape of the diamond will flatter your fingers, particularly if the setting shows off the stone effectively.

4. Square plams with long, slender fingers
If you have a rectangular-shaped palm with a middle finger that is nearly as long when measured vertically over your hand, you could wear a heart or pear-cut diamond ring. Since your fingers are long and lean, the uncommon shape of the gem will not make them appear shorter but instead complement them.

Consider your personality
In the end, it really is your personality and preference that will dictate which diamond ring cut you finally choose to suit your dainty fingers. Some of the most famous wearers of diamonds, for example, may not have thought of the shape of their hands when they accepted or bought their diamond rings. A good rule of thumb is this: if you’re comfortable with it, wear it.

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