It might be a matter of surprise, but the fact is that more than 2 million children are home schooled in US alone. With its growth, many new changes have been introduced in the curriculum of homeschooling. Community colleges, organization and groups, retail stores have started providing discounts to the homeschooling children. Becoming a recognized education program, many families have started giving names to their home schools, although the strength might be as low as 2 children only. Thus giving your homeschool an official name is both fun and beneficial.

What鈥檚 more important is to let your children be a part in choosing a professional name for the homeschool. Hold a family meeting to decide the name for your homeschool. This would give them an edge over their thinking capability too.

The question that always pops up in the mind of students and parents of a homeschool is what the need of a name for the homeschool is. The reason is simple: a child鈥檚 confidence boosts up when he/she is asked the name of the school they are studying in. There they have an answer. It acts as a sense of identity for your kids. They can confidentially tell that they are studying in a homeschool that has a name.

Choosing a right name may be fun, but you need to be bit careful while selecting a meaningful name for your homeschool. There are a few ways through which you can choose a name for your homeschool.

The first way to choose a name can be based on your religious beliefs. Since many families believe that public schools conflicts their personal beliefs, hence they prefer choosing a religious name for their home run school.

Another most popular way to come up with a name is using your location. Location name is preferably chosen by public schools, hence you can opt a name for your homeschool like that. Location may include your town name or street name. For example Louisville Road Academy or Blue Oak Study program.

Family name can also be used to notify your homeschool. You can use your family tree and check out for the name of your ancestors whom you would like to honor. Don鈥檛 forget to add 鈥榓cademy鈥?or 鈥榮chool鈥?after it. Memorizing a family member or a hero can be great fun e.g. Roosevelt Memorial School.

Parents can contribute their creative thinking in choosing a name for their homeschool, based on their teaching style. Some examples would be School of Knowledge or Hands on Academy etc.

You can also decide a name by using something that interests you or your child. If you love nature, you can choose a name like Greenview School of Education or Mother Earth Academy.

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