How long does breast implants last?

It is very difficult to say how long breast implants last. Some may last for a few days to few weeks while other may be in perfect shape for several months and years. It depends on the individual circumstances, existing health complications in the body and the quality of the implant done, quality of manufacturers whose products are used and so on. In fact, anything new will not remain new forever. Whether it’s a car, or your own body, the older it gets, the more problem it creates. Though problems really do not have any time, and they can happen anytime. Similarly, breast implants are also likely to give problems, once the implant becomes old, and different health complications may arise from there.

It has been found by FDA that a breast implant for more than 10 years has eventually torn. However, this is always not the case. All breast implants have a similar basic design. Implants are mostly made of a silicone cover with a saline or silicone gel filling. Such implants have the risk of tearing or developing a hole, which may cause the contents of the implant to leak. Irrespective of the size of the hole, even if it is a small tear, such a condition is called a rupture.

There can be many causes for a rupture of the breast implant. With time, a wear and tear of the implant may occur. Accidents can happen, such as road accident, sharp falls or even a punch to the chest can cause such a rupture. Manufacturing defects in the implant cover can have an existing hole or tear during implant, or it may be done during surgery after the implants have been made and the surgeon is stitching the opening. Some medical conditions may also force the patient to undergo a biopsy, where a needle insertion can create a rupture.

Ruptures can happen due to (Read more ...)

Latest Blackberry Mobile Phone at Lowest Price

Searching for best mobiles in the market? Stop your searching and select the one from the best deals given below:

Blackberry Mobile Phone Model No: 8700G

Key Features:
QWERTZ Keyboard with Thumb-operated TrackWheel
Wireless Email, Organizer, Internet Browser, 64MB of Memory
View Attachments and Popular File Formats (i.e. Word, Excel, Acrobat)

Music Player: No, Radio: No

· Bluetooth: Yes, EDGE: Yes, USB Connectivity: Yes, GPRS: Yes

Internal Memory: 64MB (Flash Memory), Expandable Memory: No

Other Features:
· Qwerty Keyboard: Yes, Organizer: Yes, Built-in Speakerphone: Yes
· Polyphonic/MIDI Ring tones: Yes, MP3 Ring tones: Yes, Vibrate Mode: Yes

Stand-by Time: 16 Days, Battery Talk Time: 4hrs

Dimensions & Weight:
· Size (LxWxD): 4.3 x 2.7 x 0.77 (inches), Weight: 134gms

Package Content:
· Mobile Phone, Mobile Pouch, Hands free, Data Cable, Charger, User Manual

(2). Bleu Ganesha Mobile Phone Model No: 458x

Key Features:
Ganesha Devotional Contents, Camera, FM on Speaker Phone
Stereo Bluetooth, MP3 Player, Expandable Memory up to 2GB
3-D Interface, Mobile Tracker Ka Baap

Religious Content:
29 Ganesha Devotional Shaloks/Songs
46 Ganesha Devotional Images
33 Ganesha Devotional Polyphonic Ring tones
17 Ganesha Devotional Animated Wallpapaers

Video & Images:
Camera: Digital Camera, Image Format: BMP, JPEG
Flash: No, Zoom: Yes, Video Capture: Yes
Video Player (Download and Playback): Yes

Polyphonic Ring tones: Yes, Audio Player: Yes
Audio Recorder: (Read more ...)

Cakes – A scrumptious gift

A form of food made from flour and baked at very high temperatures to tickle your taste buds-that’s the cake for you. Ever wondered what birthdays would be like without the ceremonial cake cutting? Cakes may be prepared in different flavors thereby adding to the diverse variety of cakes available in the market today. From the baker`s to your home the delectable cake has made its way into your hearts. Gone are the days when cakes used to be strictly made at the baker`s. Today there are several recipes available and trying to bake one at home would be a delightful experience.

Milk cake, sponge cake, chocolate cake, chocolate sponge cake, banana cake, pineapple cake are the few varieties which taste as good when they are home made. The exotic ones like black forest, truffle and other sumptuous variety often require professional skills. The cake once removed from the oven is allowed to cool and is topped with icing. Sometimes the topping may be done with cherries, sugar balls and wafers. Pastries are often richer with layers of sugar whipped cream.

Cakes take centre stage in almost all events. The influx of western culture has enhanced its prominence in India. Be it a betrothal ceremony, wedding, birthdays or get together-cakes add a special touch of warmth to the celebrations. Cakes also make excellent desserts at a luncheon or a brunch party.

Preparing time is lesser and the moments to relish them- well almost priceless. Not only do cakes make excellent gifts for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, the whole idea of getting hold of the recipe to bake one at home for family to relish can be an exhilarating feat.

Today there are several outlets that are well known for well made cakes and pastries. Exclusive outlets for (Read more ...)

The Cake of All Occasion

Whenever we wanted to celebrate a particular occasion, like birthdays, anniversaries, special gatherings, or just want to surprise someone, cakes are always there on every occasion. Cakes are perfect with any occasion and non-occasional events. Cakes can be eaten just out of the blue and not celebrating any kind of event or celebration. This is the reason why bakeries are popular.

In the Philippines, bakeshops can be seen everywhere sporting their own creation of cakes and pastries. But when it comes to providing the most delectable collection of cakes and pastries, Red Ribbon Bakeshop is always the word of mouth for many Filipinos.

Red Ribbon Bakeshop is a popular fast-food chain and bakery in the Philippines and the United States, offering a wide range of Red Ribbon Cake and pastries. The chain first served us with their scrumptious collection of cakes in 1979 in Quezon City along Timog Avenue and started franchising in 1999. But before that, it first opened its US branch in West Covina, California in 1984.

Red Ribbon Bakeshop first begun in busy streets of Timog, Quezon City which started out at first as a hobby, has grown from a simple business to over 170 branches all over the country and 19 more branches in the US. And because of its acquisition by the largest fast food chain in the Philippines, Jollibee Foods Corporation or JFC, Red Ribbon Bakeshop entered a new phase in its company history.

They say that the only way to get some cakes, you must first buy it yourself, just like any other buyable goods. Well there is a way for you to buy this Red Ribbon Cake without the need to go to a Red Ribbon Bakeshop, and that is what Express Regalo can provide.

So that’s about it about the Red Ribbon Bakeshop and its unique set of (Read more ...)

Ghost Costume for Halloween

Every Halloween on the 31st of October many adults and children alike dress up in different Halloween costumes to have fun during this festival. People like it much that is why it is celebrated every year and becoming more and more popular around the world. Going to such a party some people tries to look scary some of them especially ladies want to look elegant and enchanting as well. They choose different Halloween costumes such as ghosts, witches, skeletons, vampires and many others. People spend a lot of money purchasing the best costume for the party and doing that you have to be very attentive and foreseeing.

Why can’t you be a ghost?
Have you ever dressed up in a ghost costume at a Halloween party? If “yes” you had fun if “no” you just didn’t have the right ghost costume for this party. Everybody can choose a ghost costume which can suit him or her perfectly. Ghost costumes can be spooky, beautiful and very scary. It is up to you to decide which character do you want to be on at the party.

Lady ghosts are beautiful.
Some little ladies prefer to be terribly beautiful in a wonderful costume including nice white robe, hooded cape a pair of white gloves and a flowing wig. Floor length black dress with a black rose, jacquard drop sleeves, mesh accents, velvet and mesh choker and mesh veil can make a little girl look like a real black ghost. Wearing such a costume will give you a feeling of the most stunning spirit at the Halloween party and all the other ghosts will be enchanted by your appearance.

Toddler ghosts are funny
If you want to look friendly you should have a fleece Jack O Lantern and a trick-or-treat bag! It can be a great idea for toddlers. It is very amusing when a toddler looks (Read more ...)

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