While cholesterol is necessary for your body; excessive amount can be very harmful. It is one of the main causes for heart problems. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to reduce cholesterol level in the body.

One can effectively reduce cholesterol by adopting a healthy eating lifestyle. Healthy eating means balanced eating; it involves choosing food from different food groups such as lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, pasta, rice, noodles, lot of vegetables and salads. A vegetarian person can take meat alternatives like beans, nuts, legumes or lentils. One should plan his/her meal sensibly to reduce cholesterol. It is better to use oils such as sunflower, canola, soybean, olive, peanut rather than coconut oil and palm oil for cooking or frying.

Similarly, consume skimmed or low fat dairy products, milk, yogurt and cheese and not full fat dairy products. If you like meat, you can eat lean meat but try not to eat sausages, kidney or liver as they contain high level of cholesterol. If you are fond of pastas and pizzas, you can enjoy them too but, use low fat products. This way, you can reduce cholesterol and at the same time relish healthy heart recipes.

These days, you can find a number of companies that sell low cholesterol products in the form of spreads and oils that are good for your heart. Such products contain plant sterols, an ingredient that helps to reduce cholesterol effectively. This is possible because when we consume plant sterols, they fight with the cholesterol in our body, which reduces the cholesterol from the bloodstream and the unabsorbed cholesterol is thrown out of the body.

Plant sterols also lower cholesterol absorption from food and prevent the re-absorption of cholesterol within the body. Plant sterols are found (Read more ...)

Reduce Cholesterol by Healthy Eating

We all know that blood cholesterol is harmful for our body, but what causes an increase in cholesterol in our body? How can we reduce cholesterol level? The answer is healthy eating.

It is known that dietary cholesterol plays a significant role in raising blood-cholesterol. According to conventional diet therapy, blood cholesterol can be largely reduced by manipulating the fatty acids contained in our diet but it is important to know that not all fat is bad for our body. So, one must understand what type of fat is required and what is harmful for the body.

Saturated fatty acids are harmful as they raise blood cholesterol. On the other hand, polyunsaturated fatty acids lower it. Foods that are rich in saturated fats are butter, cheese, cream and other dairy products. Others such as meat, sausages, fats used in cakes, biscuits and snack food also contain as high as 50-60 percent of saturated fatty acids. They are very active in raising cholesterol and therefore it becomes necessary to substitute saturated fatty acids with polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Unsaturated fats are mainly found in unsaturated vegetable oils such as sunflower, olive and canola and margarine spreads. For healthy eating, you can use these oils for frying and also in salads and margarine instead of butter. These foods are the main sources of essential fatty acids; polyunsaturated fats comprise 75-90 percent of fatty acids, they also contain Vitamin E and Vitamin D.

You can also take nuts as they too contain high unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fatty acids help in lowering blood cholesterol level. It can be further reduced by replacing saturated fats with starch and sugar in moderation. You can take some amount of carbohydrates in form of cereals, bread, pasta and rice. (Read more ...)

There are a ton of anti-aging, or anti-wrinkle products out there. Believe me I know… I’ve dug deep trying to find some that work for years now since my face….well let’s just say it’s not what it used to be.

I’ve tried quite a few things the last few years from cheap over the counter products to some of the super expensive ones you see in infomercials that are guaranteed to solve your wrinkle problems like magic. Although there have been a couple that showed results, I was always left pretty disappointed.

So I had not given another one a shot for a while until I saw an Ad recently in SELF Magazine for Shiseido Bio Performance Cream.

They claim to take a different approach to skin cream, and even showed impressive test results from an independent test in the Ad, so I decided to give it a shot.

I looked into it and shopped around a bit because I thought it was a little expensive. I tend to get obsessive about finding great deals online, so I checked out a bunch of sites (I stuck what I found out on my website since I figured other people could use the info as well). I ended up finding the best deal at the same place I buy most of my make-up online, and gave it a try.

Honestly, when I think about it, none of the products I tried that cost less have done anything, and the few I saw small results from cost MUCH more.

Well, it turns out that in this case it IS one of those things where you get what you pay for with Shiseido Bio Performance Cream… and then some. I was extremely pleased with how it not only made a serious difference on my wrinkles, but it greatly affected the smoothness of my skin and even its resilience!

I even ordered a bottle for my sister for (Read more ...)

Cosmetic surgery holidays continued

Cosmetic surgery operations abroad are becoming more and more common as people try to save money on the cosmetic surgery procedures they’d been planning before the credit crunch took hold.

For countries in the EU there are of course regulations which dictate the level of health and safety requirements and the standard of care that should be given to patients. But this does not mean that the surgeon is required to be a member of any governing body to ensure they carry out cosmetic surgery to the highest standard. This also does not mean that you will receive the standard of aftercare you would expect when using an accredited surgeon/hospital in the UK.

For surgery such as lap band placement or gastric bypass you would expect to pay up to ï¿¡11,000 in the UK with a reputable firm and this should guarantee you receive the best quality care during and after the procedure. If you were to travel to a European country such as Turkey you may find this procedure priced for a tenth of this figure and, rather than thinking this is a bargain, you should ask yourself where the corners are being cut.

During any surgical procedure where you will be required to undergo a general anaesthetic there should be a highly trained and experienced anaesthetist present throughout the procedure. An anaesthetist of course costs money and you may find that they will not be present during the intermediate stages of your procedure.

Providing post operative care during your recovery is also costly and you may find that there is only a minimal level provided when opting for such a cheap package. It is easy to think that the extra money you can expect to pay in the UK is simply profit for the company arranging the surgery but you have to remember that there (Read more ...)

Five Minute Beauty Fixes

We all run up against beauty disasters every now and again – spots, puffy eyes, smeared make-up or frizzy flyaway hair. Whatever the circumstances, there’s no need to panic, it’s not the end of the world. Here are some emergency quick fixes to help you get back to looking your best in no time at all.

Imagine you’re getting ready for a hotly anticipated Big Night Out with the girls, and you notice a huge spot. Whatever you do, do not squeeze! Instead, ice it for 10 minutes, and, ONLY if it’s a whitehead, gently squeeze the sides of the spot with your fingers – not your nails, then ice again. If it’s not whitehead then squeezing will only make it redder. Then, simply ice, pat dry and cover with concealer. Alternatively, turn the offending item to your advantage, dot over the spot with a soft brown eye pencil and disguise it as a beauty spot. Viola, you’re ready to go!

Another common scenario is this: you didn’t sleep very well last night and after a long, busy day at work, you look and feel really tired. However, you’ve promised to go out with a friend and can’t let her down. Before you cancel and climb into bed, try taking a shower. This always refreshes and stimulates you and your skin, and if you’re brave enough, have a quick blast of cold water before getting out – a sure fire wake you call! Then, dab white eye liner into the corners of your eyes for the wide-awake look. Remember, the darker your make-up, the more tired you’ll look, so go for gold. Also, try wearing bright, funky accessories to draw attention away from your tired face.

Perhaps you’re on a first date and have been crying buckets throughout the latest weepy (Read more ...)

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