Ultrazvuk abdomena is a common word used for abdominal ultra sound. Ultra sound is a non-invasive investigation. The device gives the information of the state, movement and the blood vessels of the patient. It is different from the radiology where the radiations pass through and we get a picture of organs in static form. The device has a transducer, scanner computer video display. It is a confirmed test if followed by barium meal.

It all depends how the patient has come. The symptom of pain in the abdomen initiates the investigation. There are organs in the abdomen as stomach, kidney, liver, gall bladder, spleen, intestines and the main artery that forms the blood system of the abdomen. The nature pain leads to the organ that is sore and needs ultrazvuk abdomena. Any mass on the abdomen or inflammation of the artery or the redness are all indications for Ultrazvuk abdominal. The yellow eyes or the yellow hue on the body, point to the altered liver function, stones in gall bladder cause excruciating pain, dullness on the back is of kidney stones, indigestion unrelieved through medication shows gastritis any torturous swelling of artery are all indications for ultrazvuk abdominal.

The device is a video display, computer and electronics and a transducer. A water- based gel applied helps to slide the transducer on the surface of the body .The sound waves enter through the transducer into the body and bounce back to reflect through the cord and a picture comes on the scanner. The frequency of the sound waves determines the distance of the organ. As the sound waves echo from the organ, the sensitive microphone detects the waves and the image forms on the screen.

Doppler ultrasound detects the state of the blood vessels. It works on the movement of the blood cells in the blood vessels. The movement of the blood cells cause the waves in the blood vessels and hence known as Doppler Effect. The color makes the vessels more prominent as the arteries are red and the veins appear blue otherwise the color has no other significance. The preparation for the test is very important. It depends upon the organ for the ultrazvuk abdominal to be tested. If there is ultrazvuk abdomena for kidneys then about eight to ten glasses of water need to be taken. In case of gall bladder fat free, diet about ten to twelve hours before test. In case of the stomach, if there was barium meal then ultrazvuk abdomena should take place about eight hours after it as there is a possibility of barium retention in the intestines. The patient should change into gown to avoid body- hugging dress and no jewelry is advised.

The ultrazvuk abdomena is a non- invasive procedure. In Doppler test, the patient feels a pulse otherwise there is no untoward or disturbing experience. Ultrazvuk abdominal is safer and less expensive than the radiation or the X-ray. In X-ray there is radiation and frequent exposure is dangerous.

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