Somebody said, “He who is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.”? Maybe this person is an exercise dropout.? Most people who go to the gym hate going there, although these same people would shell out a small payday loan just to pay for the membership fees.? They even have to drag themselves there screaming and grinding their teeth.? Despite the health benefits of keeping fit through regular exercise, one never hears any sensible person exclaim that when the alarm rang at 5 o’clock in the morning, that person could not wait to go jogging in the cold drizzle.? When it’s time to shape up, many would rather slump on a couch and eat potato chips, instead of do 30 minutes of cardio.

Still, there are plenty of exercise dropouts that regained their second wind and conquered their natural torpor.? According to a University of Wisconsin health-sciences professor, there is not one, fool-proof strategy that can keep everyone exercising.? He said that different people needs different tactics to be motivated to exercise regularly.

Anticipate getting tired.
? Some exercise fanatics would attest that exercising boosts one’s energy.? True, that is, after regularly doing a routine for a few months or so.? The first few days of exercise would bring aching muscles and tiredness.? But the good news is, it is only the initial exercise hump.? After a few months, people who exercise regularly would notice that they are walking faster or doing repetitions harder without breaking a sweat.

Work for rewards
. Most people get discouraged and become exercise dropouts when they see no rippling muscles after pumping iron 12 hours a day for a week.? Arnold Schwarzennegger became a world-renown muscle man after years of hard body workout.? Indeed, visions of a sexy body serve as a great motivation to get going!? But before people start applying for online payday loans to purchase a whole smaller-sized wardrobe, they must realize that, to go on exercising, one has to concentrate on inner rewards at first, instead of instant weight loss or buffed muscle tone.? For instance, does the new exercise routine gives extra energy?? Does it help people sleep better?? Do these people become more productive?? Sometimes the reward is subtle and more than meets the eye.

Do your own thing.? Fitness experts advise people who want to start an exercise regiment must follow this exercise golden rule: choose a workout that suits their personality or lifestyle.? If a person is the friendly type, join a gym or sports club.? If some people are the loner types, they could try cycling or swimming.? The important thing is to stick to it and it would become easier—eventually.

By: Sean

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