The health drink Monavie has had a rare and remarkable entry into the health drinks market. The base of this product is the Acai berry combined with a blend that makes it a healthy drink recipe like few other. As energy drink sales has grown to the billions of dollars sold, the Monavie health drink is responsible for $700 million dollars of this revenue per year.

The most important consideration of this product is that the combination of various fruits and berries gives it a wide range of antioxidant types that can cover the broadest possible range of free radical protection in the human body. You will discover its benefits within a week of consumption of this hot product as you begin to notice that you have a greater sense of well being.

From a nutritional biochemical point of view it is important to know that our evolutionary DNA hasn’t advanced more than a fraction of a percent over the last 30,000 years. To think that we could locate a single plant, fruit, or any berry for that matter, that would be the answer all things healthy in a species that has been, until the last 500 years, a wanderer/grazer species eating a highly varied plant diet is to ignore our biochemical nature. Our cellular DNA requires are wide variety of sources of natural plant compounds to rebuild, repair, and sustain the human body, not just one. Monavie fits this bill to a certain point.

There has been some information that questions the products efficacy but in the natural health drinks market there are few others that can claim the success of this “quasi” energy drink recipe.

This is not to say that health drink Monavie is a perfect product. It simply is not in a class all by itself as there is always the newest antioxidant health drink that claims to be above all the rest. When they prove themselves in the health drinks market this claim can be revisited, but until then, I withhold judgment. I encourage people not to buy into the negative Internet chatter about the health drink Monavie as there is always someone out there in the world with an ax to grind against hot trends in the marketplace. What is most important to know is how to sift through the minefield of opinions to find the provable facts so you can then make an intelligent educated decision on whether or not it is the best product of its kind in the market place and for you.

There are a number of amazing products in the natural health drinks market for review in future articles but Monavie is the centerpoint for this article. Good luck in your search.


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By: Scott A McKay

Filed under: Health and Fitness

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