Bol u ledjima is the most common among IT employees. It is painful and at times debilitating. Bol u ledjima is disease related too. In jobs that require long hours of sitting without proper seats or uninterrupted spell of standing or moving around, cause severe back pain. The other factors are car accident that jerks the spine with a thrust, in women menopause that thins the bones condition called osteoporosis and in young girls due to deficiency in calcium like osteomalacia. The associated diseases can be bowel, bladder incontinence, fever, fracture, degenerative diseases and inflammation.

Chronic constipation can cause back pain. In last trimester of pregnancy, pressure on the lower end of the spine causes pain in the tail bone. In order to understand this problem, it is important to know the structure of the spine. It is a structure of muscles, bones, nerves, ligaments, joints. A network of nerves passes through the holes in the bones. These bones are the vertebrae and the names given as cervical, thoracic and lumbar. Bol u ledjima can be in the upper part that is the neck, upper middle and the lower part of the spine.

Bol u ledjima is acute, sub- acute and chronic. Acute is for four weeks and is sharp. Sub- acute lasts for four to twelve weeks. Chronic is dull and persistent. The exact site is located with the understanding of the nerve path. A person can present his case in front of the doctor with pain in the neck. IT workers have a history of prolonged sitting. Pain needs immediate attention as it may cause hindrance in every day life commitments. The patient’s thorough history leads to the exact cause as the occupation can determine the real cause of back pain. Sciatica is a common problem due to pain radiating along the nerve and extending the whole leg.

Investigations such as X-ray spine, ultra- sound for the related disease, MRI and CT scan all lead to the cause of bol u ledjima. Treatment especially through terapija is the main pillar of back pain as it can permanently cure the complaint. Bol u ledjima is either the indication of any related disease or the outcome of ignorance to health. Prevention or the precaution is the best medicine to remove back pain. The instant treatment is heat application and terapija. Heat is by either a hot water bottle or the infrared rays. The heat relaxes the muscles. The muscles relaxants, sleeping pills and the analgesics are the emergency measures. Massage terapija to the area is very effective. Exercise is extremely effective. Stretching before strenuous work relieves of the bol u ledjima. Chiropractic is popular. The causes removed or cured as chronic constipation relieves of pain. Comfortable seat, upright posture in sitting and intermittent walk prevents pain in back. Education and in positive attitude towards life is another factor to prevent and cure bol u ledjima. Hence precaution is the best cure.

Facing bol u ledjima (pain in the back – bad sitting) problems, then you must take it seriously and immediately consult with your nearest physician.

By: Azeem

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