In developed nations like Australia, office water coolers are now changing fast and majority of the corporations are aiming to provide the best water coolers to keep the employees refreshed. To keep the track with global employee care standards and it is compulsory for companies to provide clean and pure drinking water. Bottled water coolers have been popular since last one decade but now the mains fed water filters are highly popular.

It is cheap and hassle free to maintain a mains fed water filter. In case of using the bottled water filters it is mandatory to assign the work of changing bottles regularly and again the bottles with clean and filtered water needs to be gathered and then only they can be connected to the water coolers.

In cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane etc it is a common scene in the workplace; staffs gather near the water filters and exchange a few words. Places or a lounge near the water cooler becomes the point of refreshment where people can go, drink some fresh water and then after exchanging few words can come back to the desks. This recharges and an employee can produce better work with a fresh mind. So, we can say there water filters are strategically kept to keep workers fresh.

Selection of a proper Australian water system filter is important; it is prudent to note that there are several types of water filters available in the market. Selecting the best water filtration system is not an easy job, usually the reputed water filter manufacturers maintain web portals and plenty of information related to the best water filters are provided through these sites. By visiting different sites that provide information about the various available water filters we can strike the basic difference between the available water coolers.

There are different Australian brands and the quality of all cannot be alike. The good brands offer proper services after selling off a water cooler. All companies want to push their coolers but to remain adherent to the brand name and fame the well established brands prefer to provide substantial services. They maintain call centers and by informing the call center, any problem or technical defects of the supplied water filtration system can be reported. These companies aim to offer fast service and for this they employ highly trained plumbers.

The plumbers generally visit after the water filtration system is delivered and then they carry on with the installation work. At present the mains fed water filters and water coolers are in high demand, to use such a filter the water cooler dispenser needs to be fitted near the main water supply channel. These water coolers can provide large volume of waters and different drinking water foundations can be set in different areas of the offices. It takes around five to six hours to make the water coolers ready for use, still it depends upon proximity of the main water supply, number of water dispensers etc.

Water coolers have revolutionized and gone are the days of bottled water coolers. The new water filtration systems only require services. The water filter providers offer free service up to a certain period of time after sales. Across Australia the conventional water filtration systems are now being supplemented with the new water filters.

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