Depending on the location and the dominant food crop grown in the area, various food items have been fermented and distilled for the manufacture of liquor. Brewing one’s own liquor has always been very important for people in a society and interestingly, most of the popular brands today (Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker etc.) are actually named after the individual brewers and masters of their craft.

In case you are looking for home brew and brewing ingredients, you cannot go wrong with Australian Home Brewing. The company started in 1968 which means they are in their 40th year of operation. In fact, they started in this business when “homebrew” was illegal. It was not until 1972 when the Whitlam government was in power that the Attorney General, Lionell Murphy changed the law to allow people to ferment beer, wine & other drinks for their own use.

Australian Home Brewing has always looked after the needs of people who are interested in making their own drinks at home. They supply the ingredients, equipment and information you need to make your own drinks & also make sure that you get the maximum drinking pleasure & enjoyment from brewing by backing you with expert help. You can have as much help as you want from them and it is all free.

In addition, they are part of a Nation-wide Network of Specialists called BREWnet. This gives them a vast pool of knowledge and expertise to call on so you will always be able to get an expert answer. If we don’t have the answer to your question, they will be able to get it from someone else in the network. If you would like some advice, or if you have any questions to ask, please visit them at their website You can also order distilling equipment, Air Still and any other brewing ingredients that you need.


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