Ice cream came to know with marriage party of with marriage of Catherine de Medici to the Duc d’Orleans in 1533. But some evidences are found as china to be ice cream inventor country. But after some time ice cream came with soft milk and rice mixture added with snow and flavored with camphor.

Now, there are lots of ice cream manufacturer, with their tasty flavors.

Baskin Robbins: BR has 31 flavors of ice cream with every flavors of month listed. They sell ice cream in 30 countries with 5800 locations.
Chocolate Mousse Royale?: this is one of most popular flavors of Baskin Robbins’s ice cream. It is combination of chocolate royale flavor bursts and a mousse-like texture with light taste.
Jamoca ? Almond Fudge: with other popular Baskin Robbins’s ice cream, it has chocolate fudge ribbon and roasted almonds.
Pralines N Cream: It is vanilla ice cream with raline-coated pecan pieces and a caramel ribbon.

Ben & Jerry’s: Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Holdings, Inc.with headquarter in South Burlington, Vermont, United States manufactures ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt and ice cream novelty products.
Cherry Garcia: It is combination of Cherry Ice Cream with Cherries & Fudge Flakes.
Chubby Hubby: It has Fudge-Covered Peanut Butter-Filled Pretzels in Vanilla Malt Ice Cream rippled with Fudge & Peanut Butter over it.
Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz: This is coffee ice cream made with Fair Trade Certified Coffee Extract and Espresso Bean Fudge Chunks.

Blue Bunny: Wells Dairy is largest family-owned and managed dairy processor in the United States is maker of Blue Bunny. This is third largest ice cream maker.
Champ!? Strawberry Ice Cream: This is swirled with strawberry ribbon in sugar cone and dipped into strawberry flavored coating and sugar.
Champ!? Chocolate Lovers Ice Cream: This is scoop of premium homemade, drenched into chocolate sauce and special chocolate cookie crunch.
Caramel Ice Cream : It is dipped into rich chocolate and rolled in crispy rice crunches.
Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches : Rich vanilla sandwiched between two chocolate wafers.

Ice cream is one of demanded products in summer but it is full of calories and fat. But ice cream maker making fewer calories based ice cream with yummy taste.

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