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Determining a Bras Size Causes Most Women to Go Bust

Do your bras fit you right? If you’re like 85% of American women, the answer to that question is “no.” Most women make the mistake of buying bras that are too large across the back, believing that the bra will be more comfortable if the fit is loose.
In fact, the opposite is true. A loose bra can cause trouble whenever you move –riding up, slipping and shifting. This leads to constant tugging and readjusting, which can irritate your skin and be a constant problem. In addition, poorly fitting bras are a leading contributor to chronic headaches, tingling arms, back pain, breathing problems, chafing, rashes and breast pain.
In fact, a firm-fitting bra across the back is more comfortable and practical. It rides with the movements of your body better and stays in place, even during exercise and other strenuous activities.
A woman, on average, has six different bra sizes in her life. Yet, if you were to open the lingerie drawer of any lady you know, chances are you’ll see she’s wearing the same size bras that she was wearing in high school.
Bras are perhaps the most important and impression-making piece of a woman’s wardrobe. They provide shape to the figure. They can send messages of modesty or exhibitionism. And perhaps most important, they can help to determine what the woman will wear over them.
For a piece of clothing so important, it’s amazing that so many women have absolutely no idea if their bras are the right size.
Tracy Pfeiffer, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City, provides five telltale signs that your bras do not fit right, and what to do about it:
1. Spillage: If your breasts pillow out of the top of your bra so you look (Read more ...)

Creating Moods And Memories With Seasonal Scents

Ask ten different people about their favorite scent and you’re likely to get ten different answers, simply because the sense of smell is an integral part of our memory bank, our life experience and our unique place in the world. Whether it’s the aroma of frying bacon early on a winter’s morning, the smell of crisp sheets fresh off the line, the brisk freshness of an ocean breeze, or the tantalizing odor of simmering spices, our sense of smell somehow imprints itself on our very essence, creating memories that are never completely erased. Marcel Proust, the 19th Century French writer said “…the smell and taste of things remain poised a long time, like souls bearing resiliently, on tiny and almost impalpable drops of their essence, the immense edifice of memory.” No one with a healthy sense of smell can deny that we have a great capacity for associating memory and experience with scent. We’ve all had the strange experience of catching a slight scent in the air and immediately being pulled back into another place and time. Scientists have studied this phenomenon but can’t always explain the powerful memories and moods that scent can evoke. Marketers have long used that power by scenting everything from diapers to car interiors in an undeniably successful ploy to make us buy. But we can also harness the power of scent successfully in our homes, especially when we’re trying to create special holiday moods.

Planning what scents we will use for certain seasons should be given as much thought as what we plan to serve for dinner, or what background music will be playing for which guests. The choices are many these days, and it’s no longer necessary to slave all day creating the actual pie or fresh cedar bough (Read more ...)

Helping you find the right treatment for your hair loss

The unfortunate people who suffer from hair loss, especially when they are young, have some good news, help is out there for you. Finding the hair loss treatment that works is way more important than deciding whether you want a medical or natural cure. If you are looking for some options, you should examine our Provillus review before you make a decision.

If you really want to help yourself with finding the right treatment for hair loss, you need to make sure you study the hair loss topic in general.

Why are you having hair loss?

First, you must determine the causes of your hair loss before you can determine what treatment you are going to use.

There are a few different possible causes which may be the explaining factor in your case as to why you are losing hair. Stress can be a popular reason why people lose their hair. Hair loss is one of those after effects of stressful economic times such as the ones we are having here today.

Few possible causes of hair loss in your life are stress and pregnancy. When you experience hair loss after pregnancy, don’t worry about it too much, it will come back. If you just had a baby, a common side effect can be loss of hair. Don’t be alarmed, this is a popular occurence.

After you have finally found the reason for your hair loss, finding a treatment that will work will be your second step. Make sure you read the Provillus review to help you determine the best option for you. Your best bet is going to be to make an appointment with your doctor so that you can talk to them and get a professional opinion on which treatment for hair loss is going to offer you the best results. They are well educated regarding the topic (Read more ...)

Weddings among African-American society have some distinctive essences although for the most part of the practices will be similar to most of the other communities in America. African-American weddings are generally vivacious and comprised of festivities not only to celebrate the union of the bride and the groom, but also to celebrate the gift of life as a whole. Basically, African-American weddings take much of the traditions from early Christian church wedding ceremonies, although today they incorporate some night-over festivities as part of the wedding ceremony. The ceremonial event is Christian-designed; with the occasion mostly held in a church. The priest usually reads out a sermon and gives some brief remarks on the importance of the institution of marriage and the need to respect it for the welfare of the society and individuals as well.

Just like the majority of the weddings in America, African-American wedding is a religious event. It is characterized by a passionate prayer session, hymns and sermons to celebrate the holy union of a man and a woman. Music, singing and dancing is also part of the occasion with gospel singers and bands performing.

The groomsmen and the bridesmaids are normally chosen from relatives, close friends or family members of the bride and the groom. All the groomsmen normally dress the same as the groom with the colors and patterns of their attires well coordinated, similar trimming of their tuxedoes and ties. They also have cummerbunds on and some flowers on their lapels. All the bridesmaids clad in gowns of the same color and similar arrangement of flowers to hold. Others include the flower girls and the ring bearers who also dress according to the theme color of the wedding party.

Traditional African wedding (Read more ...)

Wise Femi9 Woman

Being a woman who has reached the menopausal stage of life, I have come to the realization that I am truly wise and more powerful than ever before!! This is a new beginning, a time of being born again into the knowledge of my Wise Blood.

I may no longer have blood flowing forth from my Sacred Womb for now this Blood flows through my veins. This Blood that has the energy of life, death and rebirth. This Blood that has been used in ceremonial ritual in days of old. This Blood that now contains all of its knowledge, power and magic within me, to be directed and redirected throughout my entire physical, spiritual nature.

So many women complain about the changes in their bodies at this time, trying to keep the youth mentality, when now they are so much more able to enjoy the Wisdom of the Aged.

I am not pretty, for pretty is reserved for the maiden. I am a beautiful Wise Femi9 Woman with years of experiences coursing through me and I’m lovin’ it.

At first, I saw my menopause as something to welcome for all the wrong reasons, but that’s what happens when we are mis-educated and not taught to have knowledge of self. I had welcomed menopause as a time when I would no longer need to go to the store for sanitary napkins and other nonsensical reasons. How unenlightened was this thinking.

One hears so many unpleasant things about menopausal women. Needless to say, I will not give those things any energy in this space. I will only rejoice and give thanks to the energy of The Triple Goddess, The Trinity of Body, Mind and Spirit, Maiden, Mother and Crone/The Dark Goddess. I will call her The Wise Femi9 Woman.

As a Wise Femi9 Woman, I have come to a stage in life, a stage of completion, a death of the old self and a rebirth (Read more ...)

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