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One Pound Lost a Week

What is the average amount of calories a person would have to take in daily to be in a middle ground? Assuming they only excersiced once a week how many calories a day would amount to no gain weight/loss? Hard to answer that question without knowing what type of shape you’re in, how active you are, how much you typically eat, etc.

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You Don’t Eat Too Much!

Weight loss is a simple formula: Calories Taken In vs. Calories Burned. Most people do not overeat, they are just not getting enough exercise. Overeating is what occurs on vacation and during holidays. How do you know for sure? Because weight gain happens quickly and is immediately noticeable. You gain 5 or 10 lbs in a week. If this was how weight gain occurred on a regular basis you’d be gaining 250-500 lbs a year and very few people are that overweight.

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Eat Snickers and Lose Weight

Like any diet, Snickers, Slim Fast, Atkins, South Beach, etc. the real reason people lose weight is because they burn up more calories than they take in. I’m being facetious when I talk about the Snicker’s diet but it’s still how much you eat, not what you eat that causes weight loss.

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