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A very simple fact, overlooked by so many people who simply seek a fast solution to their weight problems. Pills and machines that you use for 3 minutes a week won’t do the job. It takes real work to make your body want to give up what it thinks is valuable fat. You’re the man.

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Diet by cutting portion sizes.

The point of the video is it’s not what you eat that causes weight loss but how much you eat. With American’s eating habits I doubt people will be hungry all the time by simply cutting out 1/3 -1/2 of their portions. Unhappiness comes from having to eat foods you don’t like forever in order to maintain your weight.

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You can eat fruits and vegetables

To make weight loss and fitness less mysterious and much more accurate and effective than infomercials, these advice is really good.

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Weight loss is proactive.

NICE TIPS. For anyone serious about fitness or losing weight this is a must see!

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Why do Low Carb. Diets Work?

Fats are always higher in calories than proteins or carbs. regardless of the diet you’re on. But it doesn’t matter if you are eating fats, proteins, or carbohydrates on your diet because if you eat less of any of these, you will be taking in fewer calories. And it’s fewer calories taken in, or more calories utilized, that causes weight loss not the carb., protein, fat mixture.

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