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GPS navigation: A smart way to search the way

Gone are those days when people used to get lost while moving on a way. These days, no matter where they are, they can certainly reach the desired location. With the advent of technological advancements, it has become possible to trace ways and find the exact path to be chosen to reach a desired place. With the help of GPS Navigation, it has become possible to travel with a mini guide in your hands.

GPS or Global Positioning Systems are a breakthrough in technology. Earlier, people used to spend great deal of their times in searching a place or choosing the right path to the desired location. Now, with the help of technology, they can have a guide in their hands, which will help them to reach the exact location. Global Positioning System is a miniaturised version of Global Navigation Satellite System. The GPS uses a great deal of technology to make they owner reach the place for he is looking for comfortably. It’s officially known as NAVSTAR GPS. The GPS satellite constellation is managed and carried over by US Air Force.

The GPS works out by carefully timing the signals received through constellations of GPS satellites which are placed high above the earth.

GPS devices are composed of antennas tuned to the frequencies transmitted by these satellites. It also has a time calculator and receiver processors which perform the work of decoding.

One most extensively used GPS device is SATNAV GPS Navigations System which is Satellite Navigation System. These can be mainly found in the latest mobile devices. These are more of handy and follow the same criteria of working. SAT NAV GPS Navigations have an extensive networks and it helps the user to trace the paths if ever he gets lost. These devices ensure that the user never gets lost. No (Read more ...)

Today’s fast-paced modern day life gets a refreshing makeover with the arrival of digitally updated cheap LCD TVs. One often wonders why and how this latest craze for the LCD TV in India is making news amongst today’s customers.

The unusual steep rise in the demand for LCD TVs in recent times evidently points to the growing faith in the LCD technology. However, the most puzzling question for many of us who are still unfamiliar with this new age techno-mania is : what is this techno -manic notion of the LCD and why is there so much frantic fervour for the numerous LCD technology-driven products in today’s market.

To begin with, the digitally-rich LCD technology functions smoothly by utilising the properties of polarised light. The reason behind the increasing dependence on this digital-mantra is its flawless performance. Hence, the LCD technology is increasingly being optimised in a vast number of electronic gadget items for instance, laptops and computer monitors and touchscreen devices like smart mobile phone handsets and digitally loaded gaming consoles.

In fact, a recently concluded survey interestingly enough, revealed the sharp shift in the choices and dispositions of today’s customers. The LCD TVs in India are increasingly being preferred by the customer’s as these are replacing their yesteryears’ favourite CRT television sets. A lot of factors such as:creation of a strong market base, a change in customer’s preferences, rise in the prospective customer’s income, healthy competition between rival firms, positively influencing market trends and favourably disposed government policies – have given the required push to the market of LCD TVs.

Just in case you are wishing to strike a (Read more ...)

Samsung is renowned for producing the best quality electronics and home appliances. The company is also known for manufacturing some of the incredibly stylish mobile phones. The company hails from the South of Korea, and is one of major players in this segment around the world. The arrival of the stylish Samsung U900 really contributed to the domain of mobile phones. The Samsung U900 soul is an incredibly elegant phone. The company has designed it in such a manner that it gives a very sophisticated look. As opposed to lustrous plastics, the U900 is fully metallic on the outside casing. This subtle metallic body is the most eye-catching feature of this mobile handset.

The U900 Soul measures only 12.9 mm thick 105 mm high and 4.95 mm wide, the handset comes with an extremely classy sliding mechanism. The net weight of this alluring communicating device is 112 grams because of the metallic body. One of the most attractive parts of this mobile phone is the navigation solution which is implemented instead of the common soft keys & D-pad. The matte and flat keypad on the handset looks as if it may be difficult or problematic to use, but it’s actually extremely user-friendly. The user has the option of adjusting the keypad sensitivity, this features is very useful if you find yourself accidentally pressing keys when you dial or text. To avoid this risk this unique feature sis pre-installed. The one thing that will make-or-break the Samsung U900 for most of its potential users is the touch sensitive navigation panel. The company actually marketed this as a “Magical touch interface”. This interesting concept has been able to win the laurels of many.

The keypad is placed below the main LCD display, which is reasonably wide at 2.2 inches. (Read more ...)

When you purchase electronic items, you want to buy best n branded electronic items that mean the electronic items must have the quality, good looking, branded, warranty and many more. Homeshop18 offers best electronic items in lowest price. Please have a look below some detail of electronic items.

(1). Double Dialing Caller ID Cordless Phone


Multi function cordless phone system with green backlight FSK,
DTMF dual caller ID system compatible, fast dialing memories function Dual,
Caller ID display, Shoulder rest for handset included,
Digital hands free speakerphone on base unit, Rotary volume switch for portable handset, 19 Melody ringer sound for base unit 16,
Ringer sound selectable for portable handset,
Headset jack for base unit and portable handset, Lighted keypad for base unit,
Wall Mountable, Reversible handset lets you charge the handset in the base with the keypad and LCD facing up or down
Page and intercom function, Tone/Pulse dialing mode switch, Ringer Hi/Low switch

(2). Godrej DVD Player Model No: DVD604


.MPEG-4 DVD Player, In-built amplifier 10+10 Watt RMS
.Plays MP3/CD/VCD/Kodak Pic CD, Zoom Function
.5.1 Channel Audio Output, Progressive Scan
.Parental lock, Digital Coaxial/Optical Output
.Resume Function

(3). Frontech Headset Multimedia JIL-1907


.Professional grade stereo sound quality headphone.
.Adjustable head band. Microphone and headphone combo with volume control. Rich stereo sound for gaming.
.A must for all music lovers. Ideal for voice chat.
.Can be used for all sort of communication.

(4). Wespro MP3 Model No: WRC-65


.MP3 Player (Read more ...)

When you purchase home appliances, you want to buy best n branded home appliances that mean the appliances must have the quality, good looking, branded, warranty and many more. Homeshop18 offers best home appliance in lowest price. Please have a look below some detail of home appliances.

(1). Jaipan Gas Water Heater (Geyser)

Jaipan Gas water heater has 6/10 (Ltr) Minute hot water with temperature rise of 25 oC, Battery operated automatic IC ignition, Flanc failure device, Complete combustion safety device, Over water temperature protection device, 20 minutes in built timer, Pressure release & drain valve (2 in 1), Gas volume regulator, water volume regulator, Manufactured by ISO9001 certified company.


Product Weight with Packaging: 2.250 kg, Gross Weight: 6 kg, Net Weight: 5 kg

(2). Polar L/W Dry Iron – PX-5

Polar is a household brand in Fans and signifies trust and confidence of millions of satisfied customers for last 30 years. Polar Bear Home Appliances is all set to scale great heights as it offers quality, aesthetics, reliability and value for money proposition


.Elegant design, 1000 Watt heating element
.PTFE coated aluminum soleplate, Shock-proof plastic body
.Automatic snap action thermostat, Thermal fuse for extra safety
.Cord Plug: 3 pin cotton sheathed with ISI marked molded plug
.Soleplate: Al. die casted, Approval: Double ISI marked

(3). Philips Bag Vacuum Cleaner Model No: FC8208-01


.Easy storage of accessories in handy box, Plasticized carton box with accessory tray
.High-powered cleaning, 1600W motor generating 300W suction power
.Hygienic dust bag removal
.S-bag lasts up to 50% longer than an (Read more ...)

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