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The Rise of Self Harm Prisoners

In 2004 there were 95 suicides in England and Wales including 32 people held in prison awaiting trial and 17,678 incidents of self harm. In 2003 remand prisoners accounted for a third of all self-harm incidents in prison.

Two people per week take their own lives in prison despite an increased investment of resources in suicide prevention with hanging being the most common method used according to the Howard League for Penal Reform in 2005. However, one must note the findings from the Safer Custody Group (SCG) self-inflcited deaths annual report.

The report indicates that according the the most recent figures the number of self inflicted deaths is declining from 86 in 2004/05 to 74 in 2005/06. Offenders in custody considering taking their own lives frequently use this method ‘because it is a lethal method, more likely to lead to death than other methods e.g., overdosing and it is difficult to remove all opportunities for hanging in prison’.

According to the ONS more than a quarter of men in remand have attempted suicide at some stage in their life. This figure does not include the suicide of 14 year old Adam Rickwood, who died in a privately run secure training centre.

Of the 95 suicides, 13 were women and five were under the age of 21. The 30-39 year age group has the highest rate of suicide. Almost one third of suicides occur within the first week of a prisoner arriving in custody and one in seven within two days of admission.

Although there were only 95 suicides in custody during 2004 one must also take into the account the fact that between 150 and 200 prisoners were successfully resuscitated that year by staff following serious self-harm incidents.

In addition to that throughout the period of 1996 to 2000, 354 (Read more ...)

The Role of the Distance Learning Teacher

With the increasing popularity of online education, due to advancing technologies and an
increase in funding for universities to offer distance learning, the role of the teacher, instructor,
or lecturer in modern higher education is certainly changing. But with a greater input of
technology upon a student’s education, is the competency and overall quality of the teacher
becoming less important?

In his essay, Distance Learning: Promises, Problems, and Possibilities (2002), Doug Valentine
describes, ‘instructors and their attitudes towards teaching in a distance-learning environment
as a major potential roadblock to effective distance education,’ because, ‘the instructor can set
the tone for learning in the educational environment.’ In response to this, it therefore seems of
great importance, aside from having the knowledge to utilize the technology for the delivery of
education, that he/she must also be eager and confident by his new means for teaching.

Following this idea, The University of Florida also published a paper entitled A Teachers Guide
To Distance Learning (1995). This essay calls for distance learning technology to ‘be as
invisible as possible,’ endorsing the notion that it is simply a means or “tool” on offer to aid the
delivery of education.

A problem highlighted by Valentine is noticeable here. There are two differing opinions as to
what is the exact purpose of distance learning. The first, as stated by Schlosser and Anderson
in 1994, is to offer ‘an experience as much like that of traditional, face-to-face instruction as
possible. Whilst the second opinion, that of Bates (1995), is that (Read more ...)

It is a fact that massage therapy is considered to be the base of different modern medical treatment techniques. It is one of the chief medicinal techniques that were pronounced in the ancient times.

Although in the contemporary world we have achieved significant landmarks in the field of medical science still the worth of primordial techniques cannot be overlooked. They are effective in the same way as they were before.

With the help of refined technology it is now possible to make the massage therapy far more efficient to cure numerous stubborn diseases. It is now promising to cure different kinds of illnesses with the techniques of massage therapy which were considered to be impossible even in the dictionary of modern sciences.

If you are thinking to achieve a recognizable post as massage therapist then you are very fortunate. This is because presently there is enormous scope available in this field. If you succeed in availing a course or training program from a recognized massage school then there are more chances to establish yourself as a noteworthy therapist.

It is imperative that you are proficient enough to understand the anguish of your clients and assess all the techniques and skills of massage therapy available. If you wish to remain outstanding from all the other therapists then it is not possible with knowledge but with practical exposure and application.

You can succeed in doing that joining a massage school which not only provides training and exposure to different skills and techniques but something more than that! If you are looking for the same with San Diego Massage Classes then there is one ideal option available for you.

You can seek the admission in finest San Diego Massage School i.e. Body Mind (Read more ...)

Are you searching for information related to audio teleconference or other information somehow related to home phone service DSL, or video conferencing equipment? If yes, this article will give you helpful insights related to audio teleconference and even somehow related to Conference Bridge and windows teleconference that you might not have been aware of.

Then at a suitable time during the teleconference, the affiliate will present to the customers a new product on how to lose weight through dieting. He will give out the URL that the customer can go to.

Experience – You need to show people that they can actually count on your services. The best way to do this would be to show people that you have experience. Handling real business is a whole lot different from studying entrepreneurship at school. People need to know that you have the experience necessary to stand the pressure you encounter in real life.

What distinguishes the teleconference of today is the type of communication that occurs. Through a video teleconference today, people are able to talk personally, even if they aren’t actually in the same place. With the technology today, a teleconference can support so much more than voice.

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Record – Although a teleconference is designed to empower people to make sure that they are able to attend important meetings, wherever they are, there are still certain instances when everything does not go as planned and people are unable to attend. In order to still ensure (Read more ...)

With the growing competition the standards of each entrance exam has raised, maintaining pressure on a student who are incapable of getting through certain entrance exams. SAT test is one of those tests which each student has to clear prior to getting admission in the next examination level. In spite of a student’s hard work and dedication it is quite possible that they are unable to get admission in their favorite college or university if the Sat test is not cleared. It is very true that with the assistance of an experiences and proficient teacher you can develop those dexterities which are indispensable to clear the SAT exam. Although coming across a tutor who will provide the required guidance is tough, but a hand few of them has the ability to clear all the doubts.

There are tutors in NYC who can be of great assistance in developing skills that will enable them to achieve their targets. Such tutor NYC make the student understand the paper pattern of the highly privileged exam, so that there are no confusions while solving the paper. They delve for each student’s strengths and limitations and devise the teaching strategy accordingly. This way they are well acquainted which student requires more time and who does not.

A proficient tutor in NYC is aware why a student is not able to understand certain topics and makes effort with them to overcome this situation. With the advice of the tutors a student is not only able to solve his basic problems but at the same time is able to crack the difficult problems. Sat being the prelim test for all the entrance tests it is a major focus of all of parents as well as the students. It is a foundation to fulfill the dream objective of a student. It even assists the selectors to gauge the potential of (Read more ...)

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