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The art of quilting has been around for a long time. While first used for functionality only, it quickly became a form of art. For this purpose, and to get quilt patterns finished quickly, the quilters guild was formed so that large groups of people could work on a quilt together. These guilds were often called quilting bees. This made it possible to finish many quilts in a timely manner, while having fun at the same time.

The Crusaders were the first people to use quilted fabrics on a regular basis. They used the quilt fabric under the armor of knights, so that they were protected from the metal. Its fabrics were tougher and stronger than other fabrics, which made them idea for this task. There is some evidence to suggest that the Egyptians also used quilts.

The quilters guild was probably formed at the time of the Crusaders as well, to produce large quantities of armor padding. The original ones were probably men, but when the ladies took over they turned it into something much more beautiful than mere under padding.

By the 1700 and 1800s, such skills were used as kind of a summery of how proficient a girl was at sewing. Early quilts were made from one piece of cloth but the patchwork quilt was invented due to the frugality of some ladies of the day, as they discovered a clever use for scraps of fabric.

The quilters guild of today is a fun way to get together with other like-minded people, and the older, more experienced members coach the newer members on things such as quilt patterns, quilt sets, how to machine quilt, handmade quilts, patchwork quilts, and different techniques to make quilting easier. Many quilting guilds will also have fundraising shows, where the quilters sell their quilts and raise money for activities that the (Read more ...)

Multiple diamond uses

Everyone knows that diamonds is the hardest gemstone and women all over the world go crazy to own a diamond jewelry. This beautiful gemstone is renowned for its lustrous beauty, but very few people know of its ability to be used in other fields like electronics, machinery etc.The two aspects of this gem stone are so diverse in association and nature that one does not really connect the two uses with each other.

The diamond has certain very unique properties that enable it to be used in these various applications. It is the hardest substance on earth, has an extremely high thermal conductivity, is optically transparent and has high electrical resistance.

The hardness property of the diamond makes it amenable to be used as a cutting tool, especially for hard substances like marble, granite and hard wood. It is embedded in mechanical tools to enable the shaping of engine blocks and automotive components.

Once the process of developing synthetic diamonds was discovered, these synthetic diamonds were obviously the most preferred option for use in machinery. Apart from the cost, there are many other benefits of using synthetic diamond in tools. synthetic diamond growth can be controlled and monitored to produce desired shape and consistency. This is not the case with respect to natural diamonds where nature determines the shape, size and contours of the diamond based on various random natural events. Since the development of the synthetic diamond takes place in a laboratory, the level of impurities and mineral inclusions can be controlled. Due to these reasons and more the synthetic diamond today is sturdier as compared to the natural ones.

Another property that lends itself to use in mechanical work is that of thermal conductivity. The type IIa (Read more ...)

Bowie State University Information

Bowie State University is located in the heart of the Washington-Baltimore-Annapolis region, Bowie State. Bowie State University has started its service in 1865. In the state of Maryland there are oldest institutions. Bowie State University is one of these oldest institutions. The University has begun as a school. A few years the school changed to University. It includes so many academic opportunities and also so many courses are offered. The University gives training for Undergraduate and graduate degree courses. The University also supports for continuing education and study abroad programs. The University also provides certification courses. The University is providing access to higher education for all the students. The University especially enhance in the progress of African Americans. Bowie State University also gives access in teacher education and technical fields.

The Bowie State University includes 18 departments, 25 undergraduate majors, 19 master’s degree programs, two doctoral programs, and nine advanced certificate programs. The University’s student-faculty ratio is a low 15:1. The faculties are highly qualified, with 92% of full-time professors holding at least a master’s degree and 64% holding PhDs. The National Science Foundation recognized the strength of the University’s science, engineering, and mathematics programs. Bowie State University is one of six Historically Black Universities to be chosen as a Model Institution of Excellence. Research at the University is supported by such advanced facilities as supercomputer and a NASA satellite operations control center.

The main mission or goal of Bowie State University is to accept diversity. The University gives all the up to date information about the (Read more ...)

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