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Weight Loss Diet Tips For Pisces Men

PISCES (19 Feb – 20 Mar)

Weight Loss Problems for Pisces Man
The greatest weight loss problem for the Piscean Man is his emotional involvement. When his diet and exercise program is going well he feels great, but when diet problems occur he becomes depressed. Pisces Man’s lack of routine and lack of discipline makes it difficult to stick to a weight loss program.

Weight Loss Strengths
Pisces Man is not easily fooled and will choose a weight loss diet that gives him the flexibility he needs. He has few prejudices and is always willing to try new things, including new foods. Pisces Man listens to advice and gathers support from his partner and friends.

Best Exercise for Pisces Man
Pisces Man is not drawn to strenuous exercise and cannot rely on burning calories and losing weight through activity alone. Team sport is not a natural Piscean activity but Pisces Man enjoys gentle watersports, non-competitive skiing, snow-boarding and skating. A regular, gentle exercise routine suits Pisces Man best.

Diet Advice for Pisces Man
A healthy balanced diet is important for Pisces Man who has a fairly sensitive system and may suffer from stomach problems. Pisceans are extremely versatile and should choose a weight loss diet that encourages them to eat a wide variety of foods. Seafood and all organic foods are suited to the Piscean Man.

Diet Tip for Pisces Man
If you have a weight problem, get off the fence and do something about it. Don’t wait for someone else to push you!

Weight Loss Tips for Women
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Weight Loss Diet Tips For Pisces Women

PISCES (19 Feb – 20 Mar)

Diet Personality
A Piscean may decide to go on a weight loss diet, then immediately eat a cream cake! Pisceans say one thing one moment, then do the opposite. Idealistic Pisceans are drawn to fad diets, gimmicks and diet pills. They believe the adverts that promise ‘lose weight fast without changing your diet’. Pisceans have a sensitive system and should choose a healthy balanced diet plan and take regular exercise. They should avoid diet pills as Pisceans often react badly to drugs.

Diet Strengths
Piscean dieters are good organisers and once they decide to start a weight loss diet they plan it well. Pisceans enjoy good food so it is important to choose a varied diet with a good choice of healthy diet foods. To stick with their diet and exercise program, Pisceans should use their wonderful imagination to visualise how they want to look when they lose weight.

Diet Weaknesses
But making the decision to go on a weight loss diet is difficult for the indecisive Piscean. Ideally, someone else will suggest that a new diet and exercise program is a good idea! Diet support is important for Pisceans who are easily influenced and highly emotional. A critical comment can put Pisceans off their diet plan and a minor worry can drive them to bingeing.

Weight Loss Potential
Diet and weight loss is generally not a problem for young Pisceans. However, older Pisceans tend to gain weight easily. Pisceans should start a healthy weight loss diet and exercise plan as soon as they start putting on weight in order to prevent obesity in later years. Pisceans will lose weight fast if they stop doubting themselves and (Read more ...)

Weight Loss Tips For Aquarius Men

AQUARIUS (20 Jan – 18 Feb)

Weight Loss Problems for Aquarius Man
Weight loss can be difficult for the Aquarian Man who is self-protective and does not like to reveal his feelings. His first step is to admit that he needs to lose weight! Although independent-minded, Aquarian Man enjoys being part of a group and his diet may suffer as a result of his busy social life.

Weight Loss Strengths for Aquarius Man
Aquarian Man has many positive qualities that make weight loss easy. His calm, logical mind will focus on sorting out the diet and exercise issue. Once Aquarius Man has decided to follow a weight loss program nothing will divert him!

Best Exercise for Aquarius Man
Exercise is particularly important to Aquarians who are drawn to most sports. Aquarian Man often pursues unusual outdoor activities like parachuting, gliding, deep-sea fishing or surfing. For weight control, and good health Aquarian Man should continue to take regular exercise into old age.

Diet Advice for Aquarius Man
Whether he needs to lose weight or not, following a low-fat diet is important for Aquarian Man. Aquarius and its ruling planet Uranus is associated with the circulatory system and Aquarians should adopt a healthy-heart diet from an early age. So eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and try to avoid those creamy sauces you love!

Diet Tip for Aquarius Man
Don’t diet unless you really want to! Aquarian Man is extremely successful when he is really involved in what he is doing. See your diet as a challenge and you will live up to your reputation for ‘brilliance’.

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Weight Loss Tips For Aquarius Women

AQUARIUS (20 Jan – 18 Feb)

Diet Personality
Aquarians are often drawn to the mysterious. Fad diets, herbal supplements, diet pills and food combining appeal to the Aquarian dieter. However, the Aquarius logical mind quickly realises that a healthy weight loss program is necessary for fat loss and lowering cholesterol. A low-fat diet and regular exercise is essential for Aquarians to avoid circulatory problems.

Diet Strengths
Aquarians optimistic nature makes starting a weight loss program fun. Temptation to go off their diet is not a problem for Aquarians who are strong and independent. Planning a diet and exercise program is easy for the calm and logical Aquarian. Some flexibility in their weight loss program is important as Aquarians do not like being pinned down.

Diet Weaknesses
But weight loss can be more difficult for the Aquarian who has fixed opinions. Losing weight requires change and Aquarians should not be afraid to change their ideas on how to lose weight. Aquarians unpredictable nature can turn them from the perfect dieter one day to the binge eater the next! A lack of confidence can prevent the Aquarian from tackling their weight problem.

Weight Loss Potential
Once logical Aquarians understand why they should start a diet and exercise program there is no problem. Aquarians are inventive and will find ways of making their weight loss program fun. Exercise is important to Aquarians and they particularly enjoy individual sports like swimming. Aquarians are unlikely to become part of a diet support group as their privacy is too important to them.

Foods that help with weight loss
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