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Weight Loss Diet Tips For Gemini Women

GEMINI (21 May – 20 June)

Diet Personality
Geminis are the lucky ones when it comes to diet and weight loss. They often have a fast metabolism which means they burn calories quickly and, as result, lose weight fast. Geminis love change, so starting a new diet plan will not worry them. However, Geminis do want fast weight loss and quickly get bored with a diet that does not produce rapid results. Since quick weight loss (i.e. fat loss) is an illusion, this can cause problems for the Gemini dieter!

Diet Strengths
Geminis have many positive qualities that help them to diet. They love change and a new diet will inspire Gemini to lose weight. Their optimistic nature means that once they know how to lose weight they will embrace the idea and expect to succeed. The sceptical Gemini will not be fooled by fad diets and promises of instant weight loss. Geminis chances of success are increased by examining a weight loss diet plan carefully before deciding to try it.

Diet Weaknesses
But Geminis fickle nature can make sticking to a diet very difficult. The impractical Gemini will find it hard to cope with a diet plan that is too complicated. Also, Geminis can become obsessed with fast weight loss and may weigh themselves several times a day. Unless they lose weight fast and see quick results Geminis become bored with their diet and give up.

Weight Loss Potential
Geminis weight loss potential is excellent provided they curb their impatience. Geminis optimism means they are not distracted by having a bad day on their diet. Once Gemini decides to make a serious commitment to a weight loss diet and exercise program they quickly lose (Read more ...)

Weight Loss Diet Tips For Taurus Men

TAURUS (20 April-20 May)

Weight Loss Problems for Taurus Man
Taurus Man has several problems when it comes to weight loss. He loves rich, sweet food, he has a slow metabolism and he dislikes strenuous exercise! Weight loss is also made difficult for Taurus Man who is often determination to hold on to fixed ideas. A new diet plan is viewed with suspicion, as are all things new.

Weight Loss Strengths for Taurus Man
Taurus Man’s greatest weight loss asset is his refusal to let anything get the better of him! Weight loss is one area where his stubborn nature works in his favour. Taurus Man is patient, well organised and methodical, all qualities necessary to ensure success on a weight loss diet.

Best Exercise for Taurus Man
Any form of exercise will help speed up a slow metabolism. A combined diet and exercise plan is important for Taurus Man. He prefers gentle exercise like walking, golfing, bowling and horse riding. Unlike other star signs, Taurus Man is not bored by exercise machines at the gym. Taureans are great gardeners and can burn 500 calories an hour mowing the lawn!

Diet Advice for Taurus Man
A very low calorie or fad diet is not for Taurus Man. He loves food and he should choose a diet plan that does not leave him hungry. Taureans are inclined to overeat and hunger only leads to binge eating. Wholewheat breads and cereals, apples, grapes, pears and berries are all good foods for the typical Taurus Man.

Diet Tip for Taurus Man
Don’t be afraid of change – instead embrace it! Choose a healthy diet plan that allows you plenty of food. Set yourself a realistic goal knowing that, (Read more ...)

Weight Loss Diet Tips For Taurus Women

TAURUS (20 April-20 May)

Diet Personality
A sensible diet plan suits most Taurean dieters. They are not attracted to fad diets. Typical Taureans will not lose weight fast as they have a slow metabolism and dislike exercise. Taureans are methodical, so following a diet plan comes easy to them. Their enormous patience ensures that they stick with their weight loss program and lose fat even if their weight loss is slow.

Diet Strengths
Weight loss for Taureans is slow but certain! They do not like risk so they choose a sensible diet plan. Taureans are steady and methodical so find it easy to follow a good weight loss program. Their main strength, which many other dieters lack, is their patience. They will stick with their diet and exercise program no matter how long it takes them to lose weight.

Diet Weaknesses
Sometimes however, Taurean dieters dislike of change can make it difficult for them to change to a healthy diet and exercise program. Taurean obesity is the result of a combination of things – a sweet tooth, a slow metabolism, a love of rich food and wine and a self-indulgent streak! Even worse, Taureans dislike exercise.

Weight Loss Prospects
Weight loss prospects for Taurean dieters are excellent if they overcome their dislike of change. A weight loss diet that is too experimental is not for the steady Taurean. They do not expect to lose weight fast and their patience means they are happy with a steady but regular fat loss. Despite their slow metabolism, Taureans love of order and cooking skills make long term weight control possible.

Diet Foods
Lots of fruit, in particular, apples, berries, (Read more ...)

Weight Loss Diet Tips For Aries Men

ARIES (21 March – 19 April)

Weight Loss Problems for Aries Man
The idea of going on a weight loss diet will not appeal to Aries Man. His dislike of restriction makes sticking to any diet program particularly difficult. Aries Man is an enthusastic starter of new projects but quickly gets bored.

Weight Loss Strengths for Aries Man
Aries Man has many positive qualities which makes weight loss fast and easy. He is fiercely competitive and has clear goals. Aries Man takes the initiative and starts a weight loss diet and exercise program as soon as the first bit of fat appears!

Best Exercise for Aries Man
Exercise is not a problem for the strong, energetic Aries Man. A weight loss program which includes plenty of strenuous exercise is best for Aries Man. Competitive sport, risky physical activities such as mountaineering or motor racing, boxing, wrestling or martial arts all appeal to Aries Man.

Diet Advice for Aries Man
Aries Man should choose a weight loss diet plan that allows him plenty of spicy, strong-flavoured foods. Aries Man needs a diet that provides plenty of high-energy carbohydrates. Luckily, you are not sweet-toothed, but your energetic nature means you burn calories fast. Be sure to snack on plenty of fruit throughout the day.

Diet Tip for Aries Man
Once you make up your mind to go on a diet, give yourself a clear goal. Decide how much weight you want to lose and when you want to lose it. To prevent boredom, make sure your diet includes a variety of healthy foods.

Weight Loss Tips for Women
(Read more ...)

Weight Loss Diet Tips For Aries Women

ARIES (21 March – 19 April)

Diet Personality
Ariens start a diet with great enthusiasm, but unless they lose weight fast they soon give up their diet and move on to something new – maybe another diet. Their need for excitement attracts them to fad diets and weight loss gimmicks. Ariens dislike of restrictions and their impulsive nature makes it difficult for them to stick to a diet and exercise plan long enough for them to lose weight.

Diet Strengths
Weight loss for Ariens can be extremely successful if they apply their many positive qualities. Ariens love of a challenge and their great desire to succeed will make sticking to their diet and exercise plan easy. Ariens interest in their health and appearance makes obesity unacceptable. Their strong willpower can lead to easy weight loss and makes weight control part of Ariens life.

Diet Weaknesses
But weight loss can be difficult for Ariens when they allow their negative side to take over. Aries start diets regularly but their lack of staying power means they rarely stick with their diet plan for long. Low calorie diets and promises of fast weight loss appeal to Arien dieters but, long term, prevents them from losing weight.

Weight Loss Potential
Ariens weight loss potential is excellent. Arien dieters can achieve the impossible! If obesity has been a long term problem, Ariens strong desire to succeed and their enormous willpower makes sticking with their weight loss program easy. Ariens should avoid the temptation to try every new diet they hear about.

Diet Foods
Colourful, strong-flavoured, spicy foods like hot curries. Taste tends to be (Read more ...)

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