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Weight Loss Diet Tips For Leo Men

LEO (23 July – 22 August)

Weight Loss Problems for Leo Man
Leo Man starts his weight loss and exercise program with great enthusiasm. However, unless he achieves rapid weight loss he quickly gives up. Leo Man sets himself high standards and even an occasional break from his diet plan will upset him. He may choose a very low calorie diet or a fad diet. His stubborn nature and belief that he knows best often prevents him from taking good advice.

Weight Loss Strengths for Leo Man
Weight Loss can be easy for Leo Man who is enthusastic and a splendid organiser. Leo Man loves to be loved so his desire to look good makes weight loss important to him. Leo Man takes great pride in everything he does and will pay scrupulous attention to the details of his diet plan. Leo Man’s outlook on life is positive and happy and most diet setbacks are temporary.

Best Exercise for Leo Man
Leo Man is healthy and energetic and his main problem with exercise is his tendency to overdo it. The heart is of especial importance to Leo, so regular aerobic exercise is vital for health as well as weight loss. Leo Man enjoys team sports, but only if he is captain! Tennis, running, martial arts, dancing and diving all appeal to the Leo Man.

Diet Advice for Leo Man
Leo Man should eat a low-fat diet even if he does not suffers from obesity. A low-fat diet plan which includes lots of vegetables will suit Leo Man best. Leo Man wants to lose weight fast, but should resist the temptation to start fad diets or very low calorie programs.

Diet Tip for Leo Man
When you start a diet, don’t try to be perfect. Set yourself realistic (Read more ...)

Weight Loss Diet Tips For Leo Women

LEO (23 July – 22 August)

Diet Personality
Leos are drawn to fad diets, weight loss gimmicks and promises of fast weight loss. Leos like everything they do to be exciting and the newest diet or weight loss program will grab their attention. When it comes to weight loss, Leos best and most useful asset is their enthusiasm, together with their desire to succeed. Leos have very high standards and need to remember that weight loss is not about being perfect. A diet and exercise plan that gives some freedom is best for Leos.

Diet Strengths
Successful weight loss depends on good organisation and planning, and Leo is excellent at both. Leos will not only plan their own diet and exercise program but their family and friends weight loss programs as well! Leos enthusiasm will ensure their diet gets off to a great start and the high standards they set themselves will not allow them to give up their diet program easily.

Diet Weaknesses
But weight loss can be difficult for the over-enthusastic Leo who may choose a fad diet or a very low calorie diet which is impossible to stick to. Leos need for excitement can prevent them from choosing a healthy, balanced weight loss diet in favour of some dietary gimmick. A bad day can put the Leo dieter off completely. Leos high standards mean they expect to be the best and they get very upset when they go off their diet and consume extra calories.

Weight Loss Potential
Leos weight loss potential is excellent. Leos desire to lead and take control of their life makes sticking to a diet and exercise plan easy. Leos can lose weight fast and they encourage family and friends to lose weight as well! Leos (Read more ...)

Weight Loss Diet Tips For Cancerian Men

CANCER (21 June – 22 July)

Weight Loss Problems for Cancer Man
Weight loss can be difficult for Cancer Man who loves food and may even work in the food industry. Cancerians are extremely sensitive and can suffer from eating disorders. Cancer Man spends more time worrying about his weight than finding a weight loss diet plan that might solve the problem. Cancer Man is a great hoarder and clings to the past. This makes it difficult for him to give up the rich desserts and creamy cakes his mother fed him!

Weight Loss Strengths for Cancer Man
Cancer Man’s greatest weight loss strength is his tenacious nature. Once he starts a diet and exercise plan he keeps going until he reaches his goal. Cancer Man has several strenghts that will help him to lose weight. He is patient, well organised and very capable. All Cancerians are domesticated and their weight loss is rarely disrupted by lack of non-fattening diet foods.

Best Exercise for Cancer Man
Cancer Man can be described as ‘crabby’ and regular, vigorous exercise will not only help him lose weight but will also put him in a happier mood! Cancer Man is not particularly energetic. He loves anything to do with water, so rowing, sailing, swimming, surfing are all good forms of exercise.

Diet Advice for Cancer Man
Cancer Man is unlikely to suffer from obesity and a healthy weight loss diet plan will take care of any excess pounds. A diet plan that encourages Cancer Man to eat regular meals and snacks is best. Worry and stress can cause ulcers and other stomach problems so regular eating is important. Cancer Man is a great cook, so choose a diet plan that includes plenty (Read more ...)

Weight Loss Diet Tips For Cancerian Women

CANCER (21 June -22 July)

Diet Personality
The Cancerian dieter can spend years worrying about their obesity problem. Rarely do they take immediate action to find a good diet and exercise program. Cancerians are great cooks and good planners, so a varied diet with interesting recipes ensures they lose weight. Fad diets are not for the Cancerian dieter who will take time to choose a weight loss program that suits their lifestyle.

Diet Strengths
For successful weight loss, patience is the greatest Cancerian asset. Cancerians are great cooks and have well stocked larders so dieting is never boring. Once Cancerians get started on a diet and exercise program they are tenacious and will hang in there until they lose fat and get fit.

Diet Weaknesses
But weight loss is difficult for the Cancerian who LOVES to feed themselves and others! Cancerians diet plan may get in the way of their desire to feed family and friends. Cancerians are set in their ways so a diet and exercise program that disrupts their life will not work. Sticking to a diet can be difficult for the moody Cancerian who has a tendency to eat for comfort.

Weight Loss Potential
Cancerians weight loss potential is excellent if they allow new ideas into their lives. Check out a number of diet plans, find a diet to suit your lifestyle and go for it! Cancerians are tenacious and patient, two major assets that will will help them to stick to their diet plan, lose weight and feel great.

Weight Loss Tips for Women
Aquarius | (Read more ...)

Weight Loss Diet Tips For Gemini Men

GEMINI (21 May – 20 June)

Weight Loss Problems for Gemini Man
Gemini Man’s greatest weight loss problem is his need for fast action and quick results. Unless Geminis lose weight fast they quickly get bored and move on to something else. Sticking to a weight loss plan is not easy for Gemini Man, who has lots of nervous energy and a fickle, non-commital attitude to life. Gemini Man dislikes regimentation and will rebel against a diet plan that is too strict.

Weight Loss Strengths for Gemini Man
Gemini Man’s fast metabolism means he can burn calories faster than other signs. He enjoys new things and will embrace a new diet and exercise plan with enthusiasm. Unlike others, Gemini Man can do two things at once! Following a weight loss diet and exercise plan at the same time as pursuing a high-flying career is not a problem for Gemini Man.

Best Exercise for Gemini Man
For fast weight loss and good health, vigorous daily exercise is essential for Gemini Man. He needs an outlet for his nervous energy. Fast moving sports like running, squash, cycling, skiing are all good for him. Aerobic exercise is particularly important for Geminis whose key body area is the lungs.

Diet Advice for Gemini Man
Geminis are lucky when it comes to diet and weight loss. They have a fast metabolism which means they burn calories quickly and, as result, lose weight relatively fast. A weight loss diet that is varied and flexible suits Gemini best. Gemini Man likes instant food so keep plenty of healthy canned, packaged and frozen foods handy.

Diet Tip for Gemini Man
To lose weight successfully, take time to choose a (Read more ...)

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