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Weight Loss Diet Tips For Scorpio Women

SCORPIO (23 Oct – 21 Nov)

Diet Personality
Sticking to a weight loss program or following a diet and exercise plan comes easy to Scorpios who are positive and determined. Scorpio is able to follow strict diet rules. To lose weight successfully, Scorpios must immerse theirselves in their diet plan- no half measures will do! Scorpios enthusiasm and organisational skills makes weight loss a certainty.

Diet Strengths
Fast weight loss is easier for Scorpio than any other sign. Once they start, they stick to their diet plan and are determined to succeed. A positive outlook plus an orderly mind can help Scorpios overcome all weight loss obstacles. Scorpios make things work even when the going gets tough!

Diet Weaknesses
But sticking to a weight loss diet plan is difficult for Scorpios when the negative side of their character is dominant. Scorpios resent the restrictions that a weight loss diet plan places on them and they will not want to count calories or fat. Scorpios tend to overdo things and should avoid very low calorie diets, fad diets and excessive exercise.

Weight Loss Potential
Scorpios weight loss potential is excellent. A varied diet and exercise plan that allows Scorpio to use their mental and physical energy will work best. When Scorpios curb their restlessness and settle on a specific diet plan they lose weight fast. Scorpios have the ability to help others succeed so they often lend diet support to partners and friends.

Weight Loss Tips for Women
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Weight Loss Diet Tips For Libra Men

LIBRA (23 Sept – 22 Oct)

Weight Loss Problems for Libra Man
Libra Man does not find it easy to lose weight. He tends to have a slower metabolism, a strong dislike of exercise and dislikes discipline. Libra Man talks about starting a weight loss program, but hopes that his fat will disappear by itself! Libra Man is intelligent but can be gullible and can be attracted to fad diets and promises of very fast weight loss. Libra Man is handsome, but fat can ruin his good looks.

Weight Loss Strengths for Libra Man
Libra Man has many positive qualities that help him to lose weight. Appearance is very important to Libra Man, and because of his slow metabolism, weight control is a necessary part of his life. Starting a weight loss diet and exercise program with a partner works well for Libra Man who functions best when in a happy relationship.

Best Exercise for Libra Man
Exercise is a must for Libra Man whose slow metabolism makes burning calories a slow business. Any exercise is better than none! Libra Man dislikes vigorous, sweaty exercise and is often the classic Couch Potato. Joining a luxury gym where he can also socialise, works well for him. He can excel at fast moving sports like tennis, squash and badminton.

Diet Advice for Libra Man
The best diet for Libra Man is a low-fat diet that is high in fibre. His diet should contain lots of fruit to satisfy the Libran sweet tooth. He should avoid processed foods and foods that are high in refined sugar, like cookies and candy. Because Librans can have problems with the balance of body fluids and elimination, Libra Man’s diet should contain plenty of water.

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Weight Loss Diet Tips For Libra Women

LIBRA (23 Sept – 22 Oct)

Diet Personality
Librans hope that if they wait long enough their obesity or high cholesterol problem will go away! Librans have a slow metabolism and put on weight easily. This, together with their dislike of exercise and the Libran sweet tooth makes weight loss difficult. However, Librans are very aware of their appearance and appreciate how weight control, diet and exercise helps to maintain their good looks.

Diet Strengths
Vanity is Librans greatest asset when it comes to fat loss! Librans adapt well to new situations so starting a weight loss plan or a new diet and exercise program will not cause them any problems. Librans think before they act and will spend time choosing the best diet for them. High energy levels makes exercise a must for Librans who generally excel at fast-moving games.

Diet Weaknesses
Librans dislike of discipline can make sticking to a weight loss diet plan difficult. Their love of lounging and dislike of exercise means their calories convert quickly to fat! Librans have a slow metabolism which makes exercise an important part of their weight loss program. Fast weight loss is not easy for Librans who love good food and wine and enjoy entertaining.

Weight Loss Potential
Weight loss is not easy for Librans. Result? They may resort to extreme measures to lose weight. They may choose a very low calorie diet or an excessive exercise program but soon quit. Or sometimes they do nothing and hope their fat will go away! Librans who use their intelligence to choose a diet plan that fits their lifestyle will do well. A diet that allows them to cook a variety of interesting foods will (Read more ...)

Weight Loss Diet Tips For Virgo Men

VIRGO (23 August – 22 Sept)

Weight Loss Problems for Virgo Man
Weight loss can be difficult for Virgo Man, also known as Mister Perfect! He is extremely critical of himself and no matter how well he sticks to his diet and exercise plan, he is never satisfied with himself. Virgo Man wants to lose weight fast and may be tempted to try a fad diet, like High Protein, in his rush to achieve his weight loss goal.

Weight Loss Strengths for Virgo Man
Weight loss is fast and painless for Virgo Man when he allows his positive qualities to emerge. Virgo man has many skills that makes sticking to a weight loss diet easy. He is practical and pays careful attention to daily routines. Unlike many other star signs, Virgo Man takes full responsibility for his health and weight. Once Virgo Man starts a diet, he is totally dedicated and nothing will distract him.

Best Exercise for Virgo Man
Virgo Man is not a natural sportsman, even though he has high levels of physical and nervous energy. So he needs plenty of exercise to help relieve stress, as well as to lose weight. A varied exercise routine will suit Virgo Man best. When young, he enjoys fast-moving games like badminton, tennis and squash. Later, walking, jogging, cycling and golf all appeal to him.

Diet Advice for Virgo Man
Weight loss and following a healthy diet plan is easy for the health conscious Virgo Man. Many Virgos choose a vegetarian diet which suits their system. Virgo Man should choose a weight loss diet plan that includes plenty of roughage. Health foods, like wheatgerm, bran, and organic fruit and vegetables are particularly suitable.

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Weight Loss Diet Tips For Virgo Women

VIRGO (23 August – 22 Sept)

Diet Personality
Virgos desire for perfection makes it difficult to stick to a weight loss diet plan long enough to lose weight. One bad day can put them off! However, Virgos practicality and attention to detail makes successful weight control possible. Virgos have high energy levels so a weight loss program should include a regular exercise routine that will burn calories quickly and reduce fat.

Diet Strengths
Sticking to a diet plan or weight loss program is easy for Virgos who are organised and practical. When Virgos diet they are dedicated and not easily put off their diet plan. Virgos care about good health and will choose a sensible weight loss diet. Fad diets, or celebrity diets are not for them. Virgos desire to be perfect will ensure relatively fast weight loss and long term weight control.

Diet Weaknesses
But, weight loss can be difficult for Virgos who are never quite happy with themselves. Virgos expect too much from themselves and others, so unless they lose weight fast, unless their diet and exercise plan is perfect, they give up. Virgos desire to lose weight may cause them to cut corners. They may reduce calories too much in order to lose fat fast and end up binge eating because they are so hungry.

Weight Loss Potential
Virgos potential to lose weight is excellent. When many Virgos start a diet and exercise program nothing stops them! Virgos strength of purpose is a great asset when following a weight loss diet and exercise program. Virgos enjoy helping others and frequently offer diet support, diet tips and diet motivation to friends and family.

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