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Is there a best treatment for thrombosed hemorrhoids? A thrombosed hemorrhoid sounds a bit worse than it really is, although sufferers would never want to downplay the pain and agony that they cause.

A thrombosis occurs – in any part of the body – when a blood clot develops. In certain areas, a blood clot would require immediate medical attention but when they occur in hemorroidal tissue, the risk of the clot breaking off to travel to vital organs is virtually nil.

The clot will usually dissolve itself. A treatment for thrombosed hemorrhoids usually includes simple remedies to begin with in order to alleviate the immediate pain and discomfort.

Many people find that over the counter pain killers produce the fastest and most reliable relief. Although the medicine itself doesn’t tend to treat the problem, it does a good job treating the pain – which is usually everyone’s first concern.

If you happen to have religious or other reasons for not taking any type of medication, you do have some effective alternatives available. First is ice. Apply on for one minute, then off. The numbing sensation will only last a few minutes once you remove the ice for good, but if you are able to continue long enough, the ice will actually help to get the tissue to shrink and recede, reducing the pain.

Hot baths and topical ointments are a close second. The ointments usually contain not only ingredients to help soothe the offending tissue, but medication that will help shrink the tissue. Since the swelling is causing the pain, shrinking the tissue will help reduce the agony.

For sufferers who seem to have this problem on a regular basis, you may want to seriously consider having the hemorrhoid surgically removed. (Read more ...)

Osteoporosis Treatment And Physiotherapy

Osteoporosis is a worldwide problem, though mostly documented in countries with advanced healthcare systems, and affects many millions of people across all countries. Women have a higher lifetime risk of a fracture due to osteoporosis with about thirty to forty percent chance in their life, whilst men have a much smaller but still significant risk of 13%. Osteoporosis is a condition which occurs slowly and quietly with the sufferer mostly not aware there is anything amiss until it is too late and they have a problem. The assessment of risk and the preventative treatment of this condition are vital and very active areas in research and treatment.

With at least half of all fifty year old women affected by osteoporosis and almost ninety percent of those women over 75 years old, osteoporosis is a common condition. Fractures are the main symptom along with the pain and in the US there are a million and a half fractures yearly from this condition alone. The fractures have consequences of pain and disability if they are vertebral and with hip fractures (neck of femur) there is a five to twenty percent incidence of death from the side effects of the fracture and the treatment.

The greatest risk factor for getting osteoporosis is passing through the menopause, when the bone-protecting hormones stop being produced or are greatly reduced. The bone density of the person can then drop steeply unless they are diagnosed and treated. Other risk factors include being female, age, having a family history of osteoporosis, a hormone deficiency, having low calcium levels, drinking excessive alcohol and smoking cigarettes. If there is the menopause plus a number of risk factors, the woman is 65 years old or older or the person has had a fracture without significant trauma (Read more ...)

Hemorrhoids Home Treatments To Relief My Pain Now

Are you looking for hemorrhoids home treatment? Who enjoys discussing hemorrhoids? Most people find it utterly humiliating, despite the fact that they are a very common occurrence. They’ve been known about for such a long time, that there are a variety of hemorrhoids home treatments available for you to try.

The main home treatments for hemorrhoids include adjusting your diet; drinking more fluids and eating more fiber. If you need to, use a stool softener since, straining during a bowel movement will make hemorrhoids worse. Applying ointments to relieve the symptoms will make things more bearable.

Try to take it easy when wiping. Scrubbing with your toilet paper will not feel good at all. If you’re toilet paper is of sandpaper quality, try moistening it with some water. You can add some lotion to it instead, if you prefer. Baby wipes are the store-bought version of this.

Ice will make hemorrhoids shrink. When using this method, apply the ice for 10 minutes at a time, followed by a warm compress for 10 minutes also. If holding ice on your hemorrhoids for 10 minutes is a home treatment that makes you grimace, try witch hazel and apply it with a cotton ball.

Tylenol and hydrocortisone will relieve the pain and itching caused by hemorrhoids. Avoid using acetaminophen or ibuprofen, both of these increase the bleeding. No one wants this to happen!

Wearing cotton allows the body to breath and keeps moisture from accumulating. Loose clothing and rest will relieve hemorrhoid pressure. Don’t stand or sit for lengthy amounts of time. If you need to sit for awhile, use an inflatable doughnut.

Hopefully these hemorrhoids home treatments will help alleviate your hemorrhoid situation. Lifting heavy objects will also (Read more ...)

Hemorrhoid Help – Remedy For Hemorrhoids That Works

A lot of people are looking for hemorrhoid help. Hemorrhoids affect roughly 75% of people, at various times in their life most of them between the ages of 45 to 65. In many cases, pregnant women suffer from them at some point in the gestation. They are actually veins found in the anus and rectum that swell. That’s why you have to find a remedy for hemorrhoids that works.

There are two different types: internal and external. Usually, there is bleeding involved, especially after a bowel movement. Other symptoms may include itching and irritation, as well as pain and discomfort.

If you are looking for hemorrhoid help, take note that treating hemorrhoids is not difficult. But it is recommended that you see your doctor to ensure that the bleeding is not due to any other medical condition.

One thing that can be done is to sit in the bath or a sitz bath of lukewarm water every day. In addition to that, using over-the-counter ointments can also help reduce swelling and the itch.

The foods you eat can help or worsen matters. For starters, introduced more foods that contain fiber. Studies have shown that fiber relieves the symptoms associated with it, as well as the bleeding.

Moreover, fiber softens stool, enabling you to have a bowel movement with more ease. Such foods include vegetables, whole grains, fiber supplements, and flaxseeds.

Another promising remedy for hemorrhoids are bioflavonoids. They can decrease inflammation and pain by strengthening the walls of the blood vessels. Naturally, they can be found in citrus fruits like lemon, orange, and grapefruit.

Regardless of how severe or mild your symptoms may be, or whether they are internal or external hemorrhoids, it is imperative to increase the amount of water (Read more ...)

External Hemorrhoids Treatment – The Best Method

Are you looking for external hemorrhoids treatment? External hemorrhoids are more common than you think. There are many causes of external hemorrhoids from sitting for long period of time, strain during bowel movement and lack of water during menstruation, obesity to smoking cigarettes during bowel movements.

Although external hemorrhoids are not life threatening but if left unattended, they can worsen and lead to diarrhea and painful bleeding. A lot of people don’t even know what they are and how they are caused and awareness should be given to people through media.

However, there a number of external hemorrhoids treatments available and the doctor should be consulted to find our which one is suitable for you.

For treating external hemorrhoids, a while ago surgery was used to remove it but many patients complained the recover process is extremely painful so surgery is usually the last option a doctor will suggest and that too for really severe ones.

Cream and gels are also available nowadays to help eradicate the hemorrhoids, along with that several oral medicines are available that will cut off the flow of blood and eventually the hemorrhoid will die. Several injections are available which will cause the hemorrhoid to shrink and disappear and the treatment is called Sclerotherapy.

Laser treatment has also become common these days for the treatment of the hemorrhoids which is actually a non-surgical process. However, lasers have always been is doubt for treating external hemorrhoids.

Another method called Baron ligation or rubber band ligation is a famous method to remove hemorrhoids. In this method, elastic band is applied to the hemorrhoids to cut of the blood supply. The hemorrhoids will shrinks within days and (Read more ...)

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