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Everyone knows that the beverage industry is truly a money generating enterprise. As such, there are thousands of advertising companies competing to be the one to ply the manufacturers’ wares.

Of course, coffee is one of these major beverages and just like bottled water, sodas and teas, they are all marketed around at least one main ingredient; caffeine. Yet often, when dealing in the non-caffeine segment of the market, a consumer may notice that there are several terms that are used to describe the drink including caffeine free, naturally decaffeinated and just plain decaffeinated.

Normally, a beverage is considered caffeine free only if it never contained caffeine from the start. Of course, this would rule out the tea leaves and coffee beans since they both have caffeine content in their unprocessed, natural form.

Actually, there is a certain amount of caffeine that is contained naturally in various coffees and teas, so if you really need your cup of coffee or tea to be non-caffeinated, then pay attention to the natural amount of caffeine that is in the product and then find out how the remainder of the caffeine is removed from a specific type or brand.

Even in this day of modern technology there is no way that any method can completely remove all caffeine content from a product. In the United States there is no “law” about removing caffeine but the standard indicates a beverage can be sold as decaffeinated if 97% of it is removed.

In Europe, they have a higher standard that indicates it can be termed decaffeinated if 99% of the caffeine is removed. There are certain things that affect the content of caffeine that are actually out of the manufacturers control and that includes the steeping times and methods of (Read more ...)

Ice cream is invented with marriage of Catherine de Medici to the Duc d’Orleans in 1533 but there is also evidence in china for inventory for ice cream. But it dates back with to the Tang dynasty with soft milk and rice mixture added with snow and flavored with camphor.

Now, simple ice cream can be more delicious and with more verity. But like always, with more ingrains you would get ice cream with more calories and fat also. But ice creams brands are making less calories and fat based ice cream and related products.

Amul: Amul (Anand Milk Union Limited) is formed in 1946 in India. This is largest food Indian brands and largest pouched milk in world also. Beside India, It has overseas market in South Africa, UAE, Australia, Hong Kong, Mauritius and China. It introduces milk powders, butter, ghee, cheese, curd, chocolate, ice cream, shirkhand, paneer, cream and gulab jamun other also.

Dairy Queen: this is chain of soft serve and fast food restaurants. The company name is taken from their product and refers as DQ. Now it has 5000 restaurants in 22 countries with largest soft serve franchise. Company expanded its products from milkshakes and malts to humburger, sundaes, and coffee.

H?agen-Dazs: In 1961, two persons Polish immigrants Reuben and Rose Mattus in texas founded H?agen-Dazs. They started with vanilla, chocolate and coffee. Its first retail shop was in Brooklyn NY in 1976 and offered franchise around the 54 countries. Its products are ice cream, ice cream cakes, ice cream bars, sorbet and frozen yogurt.

Kwality Wall’s: this is major producers and distributors in India, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh. This is founded 1956 and original Indian company. They had agreement with company lever and lever (Read more ...)

The average burger-lover has always had a thing for the mini-burger. People have searched far and wide for restaurants that serve these burgers, as there are only a few restaurants that actually make them. Well, at the overwhelming request by the ever-so-demanding public, the Big City Slider Station has come to answer your prayers! Now, you can enjoy these dainty delights in the comfort of your own homes. The Big City Slider Station is the mini-burger making sensation that is sweeping the land!

The Big City Slider Station is a product of the infamous “As Seen On TV” ad show. Of course, many, if not all of the items sold on this show are, indeed, questionable as to whether or not the product works as advertised. Testimonials regarding the Big City Slider Station have been, for the most part, nothing but positive. People that have bought a Big City Slider Station rarely have a negative statement to make after they’ve used it for the first time, or the fiftieth!

The Big City Slider Station is a type of skittle with five small, shallow, cylindrical holes (like the “five” side of a die) to where the “meat” of choice is placed. A small scoop comes with the Big City Slider Station as part of the package so you can put a scoop of your preferred “meat“ into the Big City Slide Station without using your hands. Cover the Big City Slider Station with the cover specifically made for it and press. Then, you simply place the Big City Slider Station over a flame the same way you would a regular skillet. Cook your mini-miracles for about five to ten minutes and viola! You’ve been blessed with the super-sensational, small-sized saucers that you’ve been dreaming about, thanks to the Big City (Read more ...)

Good Grips is a brand that manufactures

One adaptation you can make easily is to purchase pre-chopped and pre-sliced ingredients when shopping. Chopped vegetables and fruits, shredded cheeses, sliced and cubed meats, and many other similar products are available at your local grocery store. In addition, many deli and meat counters will slice meat according to your request. All you have to do is ask. Using dried herbs and seasonings instead of fresh herbs is another adaptation you can make. This may be a trade of flavor for ease of preparation, as many people prefer the taste of fresh herbs, but you will have to decide this for yourself. Dried herbs are much easier to use when preparing meals, so if your arthritis is severe, it is an option to consider.
Another adaptation that you can make, with a little help from your family or friends, is to arrange your kitchen for easy accessibility. Make sure that your cooking pots, pans, and utensils are all stored within easy reach. Go through your cooking tools and decide which ones you use frequently. After you decide, arrange your kitchen cupboards and drawers so that these items are stored between your waist and chest height. You should not have to bend below your waist or reach above your shoulders to access these items. The items in your kitchen that you use less often can be stored on upper cupboard shelves and lower shelves and drawers. You will not need to reach these items as often, so it does not matter as much if they are more difficult to access. Have the important things within easy reach.
If you have the financial means and are open to making some purchases, consider replacing your cooking items with those that are easier on your hands. Replace heavy pots and pans with those that are made of lighter materials. Use two smaller pans to make a (Read more ...)

Good food and camping should go together. If you want to have fun with your family outdoors, it would be a good idea for you to take a long a cast iron camp stove where you can cook your family’s favorite food for the help Yes, a cast iron camp stove is a bit heavier compared to other types of camp stoves but the thing is that cooking on a cast iron camp stove is more convenient than using one of those portable camp stoves that do not really give you enough room to cook your food on.
Will it not be so inconvenient to bring along a cast iron camp stove when you go camping in the woods? Inconvenience is a relative thing. If you really want to serve good food to your family, you can always find a way to bring along with you your favorite cast iron camp stove. To help you get everything organized, here are some tips for you.
Rent An RV Camper
Instead of hiking to the woods and carrying a lot of heavy loads on your back, you better rent a recreational vehicle (RV) camper. The good thing about using an RV camper is that your kids will have comfortable beds to sleep in while you will have a functional kitchen where you can prepare delicious food for the whole family. In fact, some RVs are already equipped with cast iron camp stoves so you need not bring your own stove.
When it comes to safety, the RV is a better choice. Sleeping inside the RV is a lot safer especially if you have small kids with you. You can always lock the door of the camper at night to keep out unwanted visitors like small animals and insects.
Buy A Small Cast Iron Camp Stove
If you prefer to live in a tent instead of the RV, you should buy a small cast iron camp stove for your camping trip. No, you do not need that big Dutch cast iron (Read more ...)

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