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When preparing for a job interview you need to know something about the company that you are applying for the job at. Also it is good idea to have what you are going to say already prepared. You don’t want it to sound rehearsed but you do not want to sound like you can ‘t answer the question either. The best way to do this is have a friend or family member ask you possible question that the interviewer may ask. This will allow you some time to think about the questions and come up with an intelligent sounding answer.

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You want to make sure that when you go for the interview that you are not late. It is important to leave early enough so that you can get there on time even if you get caught in some traffic. There is nothing worse than being late for your interview because first impressions are every thing and you do not want your first one to look bad.

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When you get ready to go to your interview you want to make sure that you are dress appropriate. This means that is you are a guy that you dress business with a suit and a tie. A woman needs to wear a pant suit because you need to always look professional when going to the interview. It is possible that the place you are applying for is more casual but for the first interview it is better to be a little over dressed than under dressed.

Always remember that you must remain calm and seem relaxed during the interview process. You may be nervous and this is natural but always keep you cool so that you have the best chance at landing the job.

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Want a 50% Salary Increase?

Want a 50% Salary Increase?
Move from Project to Programme Manager

Recent data shows that the average salary for a Programme Manager in the UK is æ‹¢68k compared to æ‹¢45k for a Project Manager.
It鈥檚 important to understand the difference between the roles 鈥?but it is certainly a realistic career progression for many project managers.

This article provides advice on training courses and certification which may help you on the journey to become a successful programme manager. The recently refreshed MSP best practice guidance is proving particularly popular; it sits within the same family of qualifications as PRINCE2.

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鈥漃rogramme Manager鈥?鈥?An Increasingly Prominent Role
Programme Management is about delivering strategic change in an organisation. It involves working across traditional functional boundaries. It has become the preferred management style used by organisations as they implement major investment projects or drive business change.

Demand for Programme Managers is Growing
Recruitment statistics show strong growth in the number of Programme Management roles and recent salary surveys confirm the sizeable premiums that well qualified programme managers can earn 鈥?50% more than a Project Manager.

Data from leading specialist project management recruiter, Wellingtone, shows the following salary levels:
Project Co-ordinator
Average æ‹¢24,100
Range æ‹¢18,000 to æ‹¢30,000

Project Manager
Average æ‹¢45,050
Range æ‹¢34,000 to æ‹¢58,000

Programme Manager
Average æ‹¢68,200
Range æ‹¢52,500 to æ‹¢90,000

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