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Hiring a Baby Sitter

Are you going to be hiring a baby sitter and have been wondering exactly what to look for? That’s a question that many experienced parents have already sorted out for themselves. We asked a group of parents to identify what they considered the most important criteria for choosing a person to watch their children. While there were a few standard answers, there were a number of specifics that each parent considered important.

The top 7 criteria for selecting a baby sitter by these parents were that a baby sitter needs to be:

* Patient

* Responsible

* Mature

* Trustworthy

* Reliable

* Experienced with children, preferably of a similar age to your child

* Respectful of the parent’s wishes and instructions

Here are some other specific qualifications that some parents considered absolutely vital when considering hiring a baby sitter.

* Many schools have baby sitting courses, and present a certificate to children who complete the course. Ask the sitter if they have taken the course, and ask to see the certificate.

* One of the ways in which I evaluate a baby sitter is by his/her appearance. If they are neat and clean, I get the sense that they care about things.

* Babysitters should know CPR and always know the poison control number to call in the case of an emergency.

* They should be at least 16 so they could get the baby to the hospital in the case of an emergency.

* Look for someone who truly loves children and who engages them properly and plays with them.

* Look for someone with good judgment and who knows how to set boundaries.

* Look for a person who has good local references/recommendations from a close friend.

Parents need to trust (Read more ...)

Make Good Money Baby Sitting

It is entirely possible to make good money baby sitting these days. Unlike when I was a baby sitter, earning $1 an hour, baby sitters can earn anywhere from $5 to $20 an hour depending on where you live. However, just saying you are a baby sitter won’t get you the big bucks.

These days, parents are more sophisticated and have learned to be wary about hiring just anybody to care for their children. It is not uncommon for parents to run background checks, complete with fingerprints, before opening their home to a complete stranger.

Therefore, anyone who thinks they want to be a baby sitter must do their homework to gain the skills necessary to get them the job. Just having experience taking care of your younger siblings is no longer enough to allow you to make good money baby sitting.

Here are the basic requirements each baby sitter is expected to have or be: patient, responsible, mature, trustworthy and reliable. Any candidate should have some experience caring for children, preferably the same age as the children one would be caring for. A baby sitter must also respect the parents’ instructions and wishes.

If you enjoy children and have the qualities mentioned above, you might be able to get a baby sitting job. However, to make good money baby sitting, you have to offer parents more than just, “Oh, I love kids!” In this day and age, you must have qualifications and training that put you above the average $5 an hour baby sitter.

To make good money baby sitting follow these guidelines:

* Take a certified baby sitting course, often offered by your school or local community youth center. Get that certificate!

* Take a CPR course at your local Red Cross or YMCA

* Get some first aid (Read more ...)

Baby Sign Language

It’s late at night and your baby refuses to stop bawling and go to sleep. You know your baby wants something but you just can’t figure out what. After hours of tears and screams, your exhausted baby finally drifts off to sleep, leaving you frustrated and feeling guilty about causing him so much sorrow. How many times have you encountered this scenario?

Babies cry largely because they want their needs to be met. Problem is baby can’t tell you what he wants so he will keep crying until you meet his need. However, teaching your baby sign language can help you communicate with your baby and minimize tears.

What is baby sign language?

Speech is a very complicated process and requires breath regulation, control of vocal chords, etc. That is why children do not begin talking until after they are a year old. Even then, most children are capable of speaking only a few words. Baby sign language gives your baby a non-verbal outlet to express thoughts and needs.

Aren’t babies too young to be taught sign language?

Critics of baby sign language claim that babies are too young to learn communication. But if you think about it, almost every baby can wave goodbye in response to a person leaving. So a baby can communicate as long as he knows how. Teaching your baby sign language has an additional benefit. The American Academy of Pediatrics has conducted research, which monitored the verbal skills of children who were taught sign language as babies. The results were that these children’s verbal skills were more developed than those who were not taught to sign.

When should I start teaching my baby sign language?

You can introduce your baby to sign language from 6 months. Remember that (Read more ...)


Baby girl names are a very important fact when you decide to give birth to a baby. When you will have a baby, you will have a lot of details to consider, like: baby cloths, decoration for the baby’s room, a car seat, and much other details that will cost you some money. One of the most important details it’s the baby name. When naming you baby ,you must study the origin and the meaning very carefully because the name you will choose it will be for now and for always. Nowadays baby girl names can be found online. Be very careful that the meaning of the name to be good, so you baby girl will not get bad nicknames when she will become a teenager.
So,what are you waiting for? Take your husband (wife) and study all the baby girl name and baby boy names meanings and origins, and chose a name that your daughter will be proud of.
You can find unique baby girl names listed from a to z with meanings, and baby girl names sorted by origins. Search and pick the perfect baby girl name for your new family member. Baby Girl names and Baby Boy Names may also have different spellings, this is why you will find that you deviate from the common baby names.We wish you good hunting name!

Search for Girl Names and for Baby Girl Names

you can also find Baby Boy Names and Unique Baby Boy Names

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