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Mothers often turn to a pregnancy pillow during maternity when they begin to have trouble sleeping or resting. And everyone knows that getting the proper amount of rest during pregnancy is vitally important to the health of both baby and mom. But unfortunately leg cramps, back pain and other related aches and pains can keep expecting mothers awake at all hours of the night.

Pregnancy pillows can help ease many of these symptoms by alleviating the tension and stress caused by lying down while pregnant. The extra support for your knees and back help create a more natural sleeping posture and make resting much easier.

Pregnancy Pillows Can Also Double as a Nursing Pillow

If you are like most people and seeking extra value in today’s economy – look for a pillow that will let you use your pregnancy pillow for other activities with your newborn such as breast or bottle feeding or can even serve as a safe spot for tummy time with older babies.

* Pregnancy Sleeping Pillow: Sleeping on your side is often a preferred sleep position because it takes the pressure off of a pregnant mother’s abdomen. However this side position can create stress on the hips and knees – a problem fully fixed by a pregnancy pillow. Look for a good maternity pillow that has an oversized or v-shape design that makes it perfect for tucking between your knees and sleeping on your side.
* Nursing Pillow: A good nursing pillow will have an oversized design to help take tension off of the back, neck and shoulders and provide a safe platform for your infant. Other innovative features to keep an eye out for:
o Rounded design to alleviate pressure on the abdomen
o Breathable fabric to prevent seating or (Read more ...)

It’s hard to imagine what goes on in a little one’s mind when he goes to the big school, but you can help him overcome some fears by talking to him before hand.

For example, many kids at pre-school and even kindergarten level, are nervous about the bathroom. Reassure your child that he can ask to go any time. Some kids have accidents at school, and he should be aware that this type of thing can happen, and does happen to a lot of kids. If you have given him strict instructions on other people touching him in the bathroom, make sure he is aware of how changes in caregiving my change that policy, for example if a teacher has to wipe him. Some kids will time their bowel movements to avoid school time. Discuss this with your doctor if it becomes and issue.

Buy clothes for your child with easy closures. No child at this point wants to have to ask their teacher to help them button their pants. Just at the moment you are trying to teach them autonomy, don’t burden them suddenly with shoelaces that need to be tied by an adult.

School is an ideal time to teach about making friends. You don’t have to be a car salesman to know the value of walking right up to someone, pointing to something you have in common (your love of sand or the color of your tennis shoes) and introducing yourself. This is not a skill that comes easily, but kids can learn these skills to, especially if you show them how it works, by introducing yourself to other moms and dads.

Lunchtime might also be stressful, if your child has never had to eat on her own. Many kids get stressed at lunchtime because they don’t have the leisure to drag it out like they do at home. Make sure your child has items that are easy to manipulate on her own rather than (Read more ...)

Are you getting the most out of your postcards? Although many businesses use them as a way of marketing, most fall short of reaching the postcard???s full potential. Here are some secrets about postcards that your competition doesn???t want you know about.

A Postcard is Better than a Letter

You might be thinking that a letter is better because you can put so much more information in it. However, there is one thing to think about what about that pesky envelope? Think about when you go through your mail. Many people will flip through it quickly, pulling out the mail that they want to keep and discarding the rest. You are mentally judging each piece in your mind is it a letter? A bill? Junk mail? Unless the advertisements are something that catches your eye, chances are they end up in your trash bin unopened. With a postcard, even if they throw it away, they still saw the majority of your message in that quick glance. Thus, your message always gets seen, even if it doesn???t get kept. With an unopened letter, the message never gets seen.

You Must Send Repeat Mail

Many companies make the mistake of sending out a postcard once and never again. Do not do make this mistake! You must send out repeat postcards. Sending postcards out once will not have a huge impact on your bottom line, but sending them out multiple times will. Keep in mind that sometimes people need to see the message several times before they are convinced.

You Get What You Pay for

It is true postcards can be one of the cheapest forms of advertising available. However, think carefully before going with the budget postcards from your printer. If you can, ask for samples so that you can see the difference in quality between the budget cards and the (Read more ...)

The day you bring home a prematurely born baby can bring emotions mixed with joy and apprehension. Prematurely born babies, or preemies, are a blessing because they have fought long and hard to make it! On the other hand they have very special needs and parents are often nervous about being able to meet those needs, especially in the early days.

Swaddling for preemies

If you have ever been in this situation you probably understand the need to learn good techniques such as swaddling that can be used to soothe a preemie infant, especially those showing signs of colic. And the best way to learn this technique is by using a preemie swaddling wrap specifically designed for the task.

A generic “baby blanket” may be too thick, too short or have other characteristics that make it less than ideal for properly swaddling such a young baby. A good preemie swaddle wrap should be:

1. Made of lightweight and breathable fabric.
2. Stretchable to allow for safe tucking in of loose ends.
3. Very soft to the touch as to not irritate delicate newborn skin

Swaddling wraps can be especially useful for preemies because these infants have missed valuable development time in the womb. Swaddling re-creates that womb-like experience and allows a baby to focus and tune in to their maturing process as well as focusing in on the sounds, motion and faces of their parents or caregivers.

Other Techniques You Can Use with Swaddling to Comfort Preemies

Each infant reacts differently to soothing techniques such as swaddling and oftentimes more than one method may be needed with very young children such as preemies. However once an infant has been swaddled, parents can better incorporate additional soothing (Read more ...)

Your first look at a cotton muslin swaddle or receiving blanket might surprise you. The fabric looks a bit like gauze and doesn’t look thick enough to keep an infant warm. And the fabric doesn’t seem nice and pressed like other baby blankets you might find.

But don’t let appearances fool you. Cotton muslin just might be the perfect fabric for a specialized blanket like a swaddling blanket. The light weight fabric is perfect for a loose fit yet keeping the ability to make a snug wrap. And the breathable fabric is an absolute necessity for allowing babies to regulate their body temperatures.

About Cotton Muslin

A blanket make of 100% cotton muslin is the best quality receiving blanket or wrap you can find for your baby. Soft, breathable and stretchable cotton muslin fabric has been popular since the 17th century in Europe and the Middle East for its many qualities and is an ideal fabric for infant products such as swaddling blankets and clothing.

Moms really like cotton muslin because it is a very soft yet very durable fabric capable of putting up with continual washing and drying with the regular laundry. In fact, cotton muslin generally gets softer the more you wash it.

Cotton muslin is considered a “working fabric” because its texture and composition allow it to be used in a number of different applications. It has a fine woven quality and is sometimes mistakenly called “sheer cotton” or “sheeting.” Today you will find muslin fabric used in clothing, blankets and upholstery. However the type of muslin used in swaddle blankets generally consists of softer, thinner fabric.

Reasons to look for cotton muslin in a swaddling blanket

We love this wonderful (Read more ...)

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