Ask ten parents, “What is the best cloth diaper?” You hear ten radically different answers, each argued articulately and passionately.

The answer seems relatively simple and straight-forward: Considered in light of conscience, it is the one that has least impact on the environment. Examined with respect for the family’s newest member, it is the diaper that feels best on the baby and leaves the least footprint on Mother Earth. With family economics factored-in, it is the one that fits your budget, feeling comfortable on baby and taking little toll on the planet. Chosen with a modicum of concern for your own convenience and time, the best cloth diaper is the one that changes quickly and washes completely with the fewest cycles, keeping baby clean and dry with minimal consequence for the planet. Simple.

Best Cloth Diapers for Saving the Planet

If you focus strictly on saving the planet, you will choose a two-layer diaper system made entirely of hemp and organically grown cotton. The use of hemp has revolutionized diaper manufacturing, reducing diapers’ environmental impact by approximately 90%. And hemp stands poised similarly to revolutionize the entire garment industry, because the earth no longer can sustain traditional cotton production. The two-layer system makes cloth diapering considerably easier than it used to be. The outer layer-the “wrapper” or more frequently “the pocket”– has snaps or Velcro closures, and inside it features a center slot into which you insert reusable or recyclable liners.

Best Cloth Diapers for Baby’s Comfort.

If you choose the best cloth diaper from the baby’s point of view, you will choose no cloth diaper at all. All cloth diapers get heavy when they get wet, and earth-friendly absorbent strips still do not wick away moisture as well as absorbent pads manufactured with volatile organic chemicals. Moreover, although pocket diapers feature elastic legs and form-fitting design, they still do not allow as much freedom of movement as lightweight disposables, which come in almost as many sizes as babies do.

Diapers for the Budget

If you choose according to your budget’s requirements, you will seek “recycled” hemp-and-cotton pocket diapers, buying your own liners for your peace of mind. The hemp-cotton blend washes completely, growing softer with each wash but showing little sign of wear. Best of all, hemp-cotton pockets require no bleach, and most manufacturers recommend against bleaching hemp-cotton products, because it will damage them. Many online parent communities include advertisements for recycled hemp diapers, and they often include lists or referrals to baby boutiques that carry “gently used” pocket nappies.

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