If you’ve never used a breast pump before, a manual breast pump is a great way to start. The lansinoh manual pump is convenient and portable – perfect for occasional pumping – like when you’re planning a night out and want to leave breast milk for the caregiver to feed baby, or when it’s dad’s turn to feed baby. It’s also great to use when you’ve just given birth and you’re having trouble getting your milk to come in – using a manual pump will help to stimulate your breast milk production.

This dependable, discreet and quiet breast pump has a lot of great features. The handle is ergonomically designed, making it easy to grip. The entire system is small and light, so it’s easy for you to take anywhere. And you’ll get a comfortable and efficient pumping experience because of its unique ComfortSeal Cushion. Although all the parts are safe to clean in the dishwasher, if you hand wash the white valve, silicone diaphragm stem and the ComfortSeal Cushion, you’ll extend their usefulness. And you can feel safe knowing that this manual breast pump is 100% BPA-free.

How do you use a lansinoh manual pump? After you’ve read all the instructions, use it like your baby feeds – short and light squeezes on the handle until you achieve let-down, and then slower and deeper squeezes as your breast milk is flowing. When you use a technique that is just like baby, you’ll efficiently produce more breast milk in less time.

In addition to all the parts mentioned above, this manual breast pump also includes 2 standard bottles, 2 bottle rings, 2 sealing discs, one cleaning bra, 2 extra valves and an extra silicone diaphragm. Since you’ll be getting everything you need (and more!) to comfortably and efficiently pump, it’s a really great value.

By: Michelle Nedermeyer

Filed under: Baby and Child

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